Spool File Page Counter SDK – Wrong page analysis

Hi Guys,

We are evaluating the Spool File Page Counter SDK to analyse PDF files and during our testing we seem to have a page reported as BW when its actually colour.

The page in the PDF clearly has blue lines on it. Other colour pages in the document are correctly reported.

Any help would be appreciated, this appears to be a great solution for us but we do need accuracy as well as performance.




Thanks for your sample PDF file, we checked the blue lines in the page 3 in your PDF file, we noticed the line width for those blue lines are too thin, when we scale the page for color checking, those blue lines were disappear, this is the reason of the problem.

Please look at following screenshot, the width of blue lines on page 3 are very thin,


We have created a new version of Spool File Page Counter SDK to you, please download the new version from this URL,


The new version of Spool File Page Counter SDK does able to determine page 3 in your PDF file as color page properly, the new version will return following color information for each page in your PDF file,

Page   1 is [Color]
Page   2 is [   BW]
Page   3 is [Color]
Page   4 is [Color]
Page   5 is [   BW]
Page   6 is [Color]
Page   7 is [Color]
Page   8 is [   BW]
Page   9 is [   BW]
Page  10 is [   BW]
Page  11 is [   BW]
Page  12 is [Color]
Page  13 is [   BW]
Page  14 is [Color]
Page  15 is [   BW]
Page  16 is [   BW]
Page  17 is [Color]
Page  18 is [Color]
Page  19 is [   BW]
Page  20 is [   BW]
Page  21 is [   BW]
Page  22 is [   BW]
Page  23 is [   BW]

As you see, it shown the page 3 as the color page, because the page 3 contains a blue line.

You may test this version carefully, if you encounter any problem with it, please feel free to let us know, we are glad to assist you asap.


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