Run doc2any on Windows 2003 or Windows 2008 system

hi, As per your support suggestion I am using this SDK in my application.But It's getting problem in IIS. So please suggest to us for how to resolve this issue. After resolved this issue I will be go for purchase option. ). DOC to Any Converter SDK DOC to Any Converter (DOC2Any) is need following software environments,

1. Windows 2003 or Windows 2008 or Windows 2010 server,

2. You need install MS Office or OpenOffice to convert office documents to PDF files,

3. You needn’t install PDFcamp Printer, doc2any is not require PDFcamp Printer,

4. You needn’t install Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat, doc2any is not require Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat applications, MS Office or OpenOffice is the only requirement to run doc2any to convert office documents to PDF files.



We suggest you may download "DOC to Any Converter Command Line" product from following URL first,

you can try to run following command line to convert your DOC file to PDF file,

doc2any.exe D:\test.doc D:\out.pdf

Can you convert your DOC file to PDF file properly by above command line? if yes, you can try to convert call doc2any.exe from your C# code to convert DOC files to PDF files easily.

If you can run doc2any.exe to convert DOC files to PDF files correctly in command line window by manual, but failed to call it from C# code, you need configure Microsoft Word and Excel to run under Interactive User's Account, please look at following web pages for more information,

If you still can not get it work on your server, you may create a remote desktop account on your test machine, send to us the user name and password, we will arrange our engineer to login your test machine and research this problem for you asap.

We suggest you may share your PC or Server by TeamViewer, TeamViewer can be downloaded from following website,

after you installed TeamViewer, please send to us your TeamViewer's ID and Password, please also arrange your test machine running at 24 hours, after we logged into your test machine and solved the problem, we will send an email to you, then you can close the TeamViewer application.

By the way, we will release a VeryPDF Cloud API Service within a few weeks, with VeryPDF Cloud API Service, you can convert office documents to PDF files easily over the internet, you need install nothing to your Server System, you can just send a HTTP post to convert a DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX, RTF file to PDF file, for example,

after you execute above URL, you will get a "" file, you can download it to your local disk easily.

You can pass "infile" parameter to "", our Cloud API Service will convert it to PDF file automatically.


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