Cannot test Doc2Any on .NET

We are testing Doc2Any on our server, however, we keep getting the same error, either running on our server in .NET or in a PC thru VB:

"The system cannot find the file specified"

This is the code we are using on our server ASPX:

System.Diagnostics.Process.Start(EXEFile & " " & DOCFile & " " & PDFFile)

- EXEFile = "C:\doc2any\doc2any.exe"
- DOCFile = "C:\myDir\mySubDir\myDoc.rtf"
- PDFFile = "C:\myDir\mySubDir\myDoc.pdf"
Are we lacking something here?
Thanks very much for any light you might give us here!


Please arrange MS Word DCOM run from an interactive user account, please refer to following web page,

"Your COM Name" should equal to "Microsoft Office Word 97 – 2003 Document" in your system, please give enough permission to "Microsoft Office Word 97 – 2003 Document" DCOM in your system to try again.

You can also refer to following web pages for more information,

If you still can't get it work, you may create a remote desktop account on your test machine, we will arrange our engineer to login your test machine and work on this problem for you asap.

We suggest you may share your PC or Server by TeamViewer, TeamViewer can be downloaded from following website,

after you installed TeamViewer, please email to us your TeamViewer's ID and Password, please also arrange your test machine running at 24 hours, after we logged into your test machine and solved the problem, we will send an email to you, then you can close the TeamViewer application.



Thanks very much for your answer!

However, the basic problem was not of permissions since we really need to
run it without office, so we are using the "-useoffice 0" parameter.

The real problem is that the "...process.start(" .NET instruccion must use
2 parameters, in which the firts is the Path & Name of the exe file to run,
and the second parameter is for any arguments needed in the command line.
Therefore, the real use for doc2any in .NET should be:

System.diagnostics.process.start("C:\doc2any\doc2any.exe", "-useoffice 0
C:\MyDir\MyDoc.rtf C:\MyDir\MyDoc.pdf")

Hope this help future clients!

Thanks very much!

Thanks for your great information, we will include this information into our Knowledge Base, this article will useful for our other customers, thank you again.


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