How to extract text from PS file without language limitation?

    When you need to extract text from PostScript image file without language limitation, maybe you can have a free trial of software VeryDOC Postscript to Text Converter. This software can help you extract text from PostScript of language English, French, German, Italian, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Czech, Danish,Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, etc. And this is command line version software, you can call it from other programming languages like Visual Basic, C/C++, Delphi, ASP, PHP, C#, .NET, etc. Please check more information of this software on homepage, in the following part, I will show you how to use this software.

Step 1. Free download Postscript to Text Converter

  • This is command line version software, when downloading finishes there will be a zip file. Please extract it to some folder then you can use it normally.
  • There are many versions of this software like command line version, SDK version, developer version and others. Please download the proper version according to your needs.
  • When you use this software, please note that this is Window application, you can not use it under Mac or Linux platforms.

Step 2. Extract text from PostScript

  • Here is the usage for your reference:ps2txt.exe [options] [Options] <PS Files>
  • When extract text from PostScript, please refer to the following command line templates:
  • ps2txt.exe C:\ C:\output.txt
    ps2txt.exe -nolayout C:\ C:\output.txt

  • When you use this software, please do not take language reason into consideration as it can extract text from it automatically.
  • There are some parameters for your reference:
  • -firstpage <int> : when you need to specify the start page of converted PS file, please add this parameter. It is range from 1 to max page.
    -lastpage <int>  :The same with the above parameter, it is about last page to print, from 1 to max page.
    -nolayout        : when you run the conversion and don't need to maintain original physical layout, please add this parameter.
    -nopgbreak       : if you don't need to insert page breaks between pages, please add this parameter.
    -$ <string>      : when you need to register this software, please add this parameter after inputting registration key.

  • Meanwhile, this software also can help you extract text from EPS image file. Please use the same method to run the conversion.

During the using, if you have any question,please contact us as soon as possible. This software can read text in postscript and EPS files and outputs an ASCII rendering so it  is quite useful when trying to search or read the text contained in postscript and EPS files.

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