How to display PDF in browsers without Acrobat plug-in installed?

Question: Our intranet site has links to a lot of PDF files. But most of our users don't have PDF plug-in installed. So they couldn't see any of these files.Installing PDF plug-in for the browsers in their machines has been ruled out. we don't know why, but it might be some security reasons. We have been asked to convert the entire list of PDF to look-alike html files.

Now I am looking for these options.

  1. Find a software that perfectly mimics the PDF to the corresponding html files.(all kinds of PDF are there, like user manuals,product catalogs, statistical reports etc).
  2. Somewhat write a code to display PDF inside a browser. May be like scribed. I think scribed is using flash. I don't think Our intranet users allowed to install flash plug-in either. If this can be done in .NET, it is much preferred.
  3. Manually convert all those PDF (around 200 files,they will be adding more) to HTML files.

Answer: According to your needs, maybe you can have a free trial of this software: VeryDOC PDF Viewer OCX Control, by which you can build a customer interface for viewing PDF documents from .NET Visual Basic, VC, Delphi, C#, HTML (Internet Explorer) or any other programming languages without Adobe Reader installed.   By this software, you can also optimize PDF for fast web viewing.

1. This software can help you display PDF of all kinds of versions but it can not be used to convert PDF to HTML or other files.
2. When you use this software, you do not need to install any kinds of flash plug-in. Meanwhile you can call it from .NET.
3. When you need to convert PDF to HTML, please have a free trial of this software: VeryDOC PDF to HTML Converter

This software provides the following methods to display PDF.

1. BOOL OpenPDF(LPCTSTR lpszPDFFile, ...)    
2. ClosePDF()     14. void ZoomActualPage()
Description: Open and close PDF Viewer window.
      16. void Zoom(float nZoom)
3. void SetFindText(LPCTSTR lpszFindText)    
4. void FindNextText()     18. void ZoomOut()
5. void FindPreviousText()     Description: Zoom PDF pages.
Description: Search text string in PDF pages.    
      19. void ViewModeSinglePage()
6. void RotateViewLeft()    
7. void RotateViewRight()    
Description: Rotate PDF pages.    
      23. void SetViewMode(long nViewMode)
8. void ViewNextPage()     Description: View PDF pages in different modes.
9. void ViewPreviousPage()    
10. void ViewFirstPage()    
11. void ViewLastPage()    
12. void ViewPage()
13. void ZoomFitPage()
14. void ZoomActualPage()
15. void ZoomFitWidth()

Here are just a part of its methods, please check more usage on the homepage. During the using, if you have any question, please contact us as soon as possible.

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