This article would like to show you how to use VeryDOC EMF to Vector Converter to convert PCL/PRN/PXL/PX3 to PDF/PS/TIFF/JPG/PCX/BMP/PXL through command line on Windows platforms.

First of all, please download package of trial version software here:

Download VeryDOC PCL Converter

Then, extract content from downloaded package to your computer, and then, your trial version could be used later in next process.

After download and extraction, please open command prompt window through running cmd.exe, for it is operating environment of commands on Windows platforms.

Then, in opened command prompt window, please refer to following example to convert PX3/PRN/PXL/PCL to PDF/PS/JPG/TIFF/PCX/BMP/PXL accordingly:

pcltool.exe C:\in1.pcl C:\out1.pdf

pcltool.exe C:\in2.pxl C:\

pcltool.exe C:\in3.prn C:\out3.jpg

pcltool.exe C:\in4.px3 C:\out4.tif

where you need to know:

  • pcltool.exe is to call executive file “pcltool.exe” for running software itself
  • C:\in1.pcl is to specify source file of PCL, other source paths contain same meaning
  • C:\out1.pdf is to specify targeting PDF file, other targeting paths contain same meaning

When you finish typing commands and parameters like above, you can convert PCL/PRN/PX3/PXL to PS/PDF/JPG/TIFF/PCX/BMP/PXL in command prompt window. Then, targeting files could be added into destination folder directly.

To buy full version of VeryDOC EMF to Vector Converter, please go to purchase page of VeryDOC EMF to Vector Converter.

Extension Knowledge:

PCL, digital printed document created in the Printer Command Language (PCL) page description language; describes the layout of text and graphics for the document; originally used by Hewlett-Packard printers in the 1980s and now used by HP LaserJet printers and others; widely used but offers fewer features than the PostScript (.PS) format. PCL files can be created from the Windows print dialog by redirecting the print output to a file using a compatible PCL driver. They can also be created in Unix systems by redirecting the printer queue to a file. PCL files can be printed to any HP LaserJet printer by opening the Windows command prompt and typing print file.pcl. In Unix, you can type lpr file.pcl.

Finally, thank you for reading this article here and thank you for your support here!

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