How to convert MS Word Docx to Doc without MS Office or OpenOffice installed?

Question: I had Microsoft office beta 2007 and didn't realize that it would expire and I saved several files in their Docx format. How do I convert Docx to Doc or different formats without 2007 office? What a pain this is. After looking through forums, doing searches and even scanning MS Office own site, I think the answer is to run the beta on another computer and convert the files manually. You should saving them as Word 1997-2003 (*.doc) files. Is there a better solution on VeryDOC?

Answer: Actually it is not so complicated if you have VeryDOC Doc to Any Command line V3.5 installed. Now this software has been updated and new parameters, functions have been added. One of the function is that you can change all version MS Office file formats easily without MS Office or OpenOffice installed. Say you can convert Docx to Doc, Doc to Docx,XLSX to XLS and so on so forth. By this function, even if you use MS Office 2003, you still can read MS 2007 or MS 201o files without any problem. Meanwhile by the new version of this software, you can also convert office documents to PDF files without depend on MS Office and OpenOffice.

   By this method, I guess you can convert your Docx to Doc and then read them easily. You do not need to install another beta version of MS 2007 and save them as Word 1997-2003 (*.doc) files. Please check more information of this software on homepage, in the following part, I will show you how to use this software.

Step 1. Download Doc to Any Command line V3.5

  • Please make sure download the latest version of this software as the older version does not have this function.
  • Still same with before, when downloading finishes, there will be a zip file. You need to extract it to some folder then you can call it from MS Dos Windows.

Step 2. Convert Docx to Doc without MS Office installed.

  • Here is the usage of this software: DOC2Any [options] <in-file> [<out-file>]
  • When you need to convert Docx to Doc, please refer to the following command line templates:
    doc2any.exe -nooffice "C:\test.docx" "C:\out.doc"
    By this command line, we can convert single Docx to Doc.
  • doc2any.exe -nooffice "C:\*.docx" "C:\*.doc"
    By this command line template, we can convert Docx to Doc in batch using wild character *.
    for %F in (D:\test\*.docx) do "doc2any.exe" -nooffice "%F" "%~dpnF.doc"
    By this command line, you can write one bat file for converting Docx to Doc automatically in batch.
    Here is the parameter we use:
    -nooffice                : Don't use MS Office and OpenOffice at all, use VeryPDF's Document analysis technologies

By the above command line templates under the help of this software, you can read Docx file without MS Office 2007 or later version installed. During the using, if you have any question, please contact us as soon as possible.

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