Convert MS Office 2007 and Office 2010 pptx to pdf and edit pdf title

Do you want to convert MS Office 2007 and Office 2010 pptx to pdf and edit pdf title very quickly? If you want it, you can follow me in this article, then you will get the perfect answer.

Step1. Open the command prompt window

Before you use DOC to Any Converter Command Line after you download it from this link:,  there is an important thing you need to do, which is you should open its running environment of DOC to Any Converter Command Line. And in Windows systems, you can click “Windows + R” to get dialog box of “Run”, and in the dialog box you should input “cmd.exe” and click “ok”, finally, your operating environment can be popped out on your screen.

Step2. Accomplish the basic work in command prompt window

You need to take the steps below to get basic work done:

  • call “doc2any.exe” to use main converter, and you can type the path of “doc2any.exe” to command prompt window to realize it

then, please click “space” for other command typed later

  • set title of pdf through typing “-title <string>”, where <string> is an essential title of string in form

still, click “space” for same reason

  • add source pptx file by inputting the path of pptx file

likely, please click “space” for next command

  • save your targeting pdf file by the way of typing an objective path, it also help you name pdf file directly
  • finally, please click “enter” in command prompt window so that your pdf file can be added to targeting folder

Here are the examples about conversions from Office 2007 and Office 2010 pptx to pdf and setting pdf title below, which can be helpful:

D:\doc2any_cmd\doc2any.exe –title “autumn” F:\original2\in2.pptx F:|results2\out1.pdf

D:\doc2any_cmd\doc2any.exe –title “winter” G:\examples2\input2.pptx E:|target2\output3.pdf

D:\doc2any_cmd\doc2any.exe –title “summer” E:\source3\example2.pptx G:|target3\example2.pdf

D:\doc2any_cmd\doc2any.exe –title “spring2” D:\in3\in2.pptx D:|results2\result2.pdf

You can log on the website of DOC to Any Converter Command Line to know more conversions besides this one----from Office 2007 and Office 2010 pptx to pdf and setting pdf title, which can be entered at this link: Thank you for reading this article.

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