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With the help of the application VeryDOC Postscript to Image Converter, you can perfectly and quickly fulfill the conversion from EPS to PSD within three steps. This application is a powerful one which can be accessed by any scripting or programming languages such as Visual Basic, C/C++, Delphi, ASP, PHP, C#, .NET, etc.

You can also call Postscript to Image Converter from command line, COM or Dynamic Link Library (DLL). This application is specially designed for converting EPS or PS format file to a variety of image formats. If you want to convert EPS to PSD format file, please download the application at first.

You can click the following link: to download the application. From the link you can see that the application is a ZIP file and there is no need any installation steps. Just unzip the file to some location of your computer and then the executable file ps2img.exe which is the called program in the conversion is available at once.

The first step—Open MS-DOS interface

For inputting the command line, you need to open MS-DOS interface at first. Please click “Start”—“Run” or use the shortcut key “Window”+ “R” to open “Run” dialog box in which you can input “cmd” or “CMD” in “Open” combo box and click “OK” button.

The second step—Input the command line

The command line you need to input into MS-DOS interface is the one like the following template which you need to refer to when you write your command line:

ps2img [options] <-i PS File> [-o Output]

For you better understand the command line, you need to see the following examples:

ps2img –i C:\*.eps –o C:\*.pdf

ps2img –i C:\file-in.eps –o C:\file-out.psd

ps2img –r 500x300 –i C:\file-in.eps –o C:\file-out.psd

The first example is to convert EPS to PSD format file in batch. The wildcard character “*” plays an important role in the batch conversion.

The left two examples is to convert one EPS to PSD. The second one is to convert EPS to PSD only without setting any parameters for the target file.

The last one is to set the resolution for the the target file as 500x300 DPI.

There are some other options that you can use in the command line as follows:

-r 200x300: Set horizontal and vertical resolution to 200x300 DPI

-f [first Page] : First page to convert

-l [last Page]  : Last page to convert

-b [bit count]  : Set bit count in generated image files

In the command line, you need to use the path of each file that you used. If you don’t want to input a long path into MS-DOS interface, you can directly drag and drop the file you use into the interface.

The last step—Run the conversion

At last, please hit “Enter” button on the keyboard to run the conversion, which is the simplest step in the conversion from EPS to PSD.

If you want to purchase Postscript to Image Converter, please enter its homepage:

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