Are the same between xls to bmp and xls to pdf?

The conversions of xls to bmp and xls to pdf are exactly alike, both are completed under DOS window, through writing their route kept in computer when they have been downloaded or founded, in detail that is as follows

1. Open DOS window, when the cursor flickers this is the begging.

2. In turn input the route of the conversion software, the xls format image and the bmp format image, don’t forget basic operation when a route was written such as forget to press “space key”and other knowledge related to computer operation. The bmp route can be replaced by xls route with a little alteration, namely substitute bmp for xls.

Then press “enter key”, the result comes out. Here I take an example for xls to bmp, as the way you can convert xls to png. But do you know what bmp is and what pdf? This refers to many theoretical knowledge of computer which have little association with users, just having the overview that is enough for us. bmp format is applied in a very vast area, nearly all the operating system support it, its defect that occupies a large amount of disk space. pdf format its upmost advantage is stable and can remain former layout. In fact we needn’t distinguish them, only look at their image there is record to tell them from others. Some software companies in order to compete, defeat other companies and control market share produce some file formats designed by them, difference perhaps just the name. 

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