A way to convert pptx to hpgl

To convert pptx to hpgl, the command lines could be your better choice, which may help you save time and enhance the efficiency than using the GUI converting tool. And DOC to Any Converter Command Line is an expert based on the command lines, which could help users convert doc to any, such as doc to flash, ppt to pdf, xlsx to eps and docx to xps etc. Also for the batch conversion, the one-to-one conversion based in each page of source file and even setting the properties of the targeting file, this dreaming tool could still deal with them properly. Here is the solution of converting pptx file to hpgl file with DOC to Any Converter Command Line below.

To start to convert the single pptx file, you might need to open the command prompt window first, which is the running environment of DOC to Any Converter Command Line: click “start” button>choose “Run” on start menu via clicking it>input “cmd.exe” in the dialog box>click “ok” button, and the command prompt window could be popup, below is the current directory:

C:\Documents and Settings\admin>

After opening the operating environment, input the path of ‘doc2any.exe’ in order to run DOC to Any Converter Command Line, and another way is to drag the program of ‘doc2any.exe’ into the command prompt window directly. Then if you would like to set the options of single hpgl file, please input the parameters directly following the path of ‘doc2any.exe’, and the next step is to continue to add the source file by dragging it into the command prompt directly, and create a targeting path for the objective file, at last, or just avoid setting the properties to skip to add the source file, which is due to your will. At last, to convert pptx to hpgl, click the button of “enter”, within a few seconds, DOC to Any Converter Command Line could process the task quickly, below is the example:

C:\Documents and Settings\admin>D:\doc2any_cmd\doc2any.exe<space><options><space> D:\doc2any_cmd\one.pptx<space>D:\doc2any_cmd\one.hpgl<enter>
Thank you for choosing our product.

(<options> could represent any parameters you may input)

To get all of pptx files in a folder converted to hpgl files, all you need to change is just the file name using * to replace the original file name, more info, please refer to the following example:

C:\Documents and Settings\admin>D:\doc2any_cmd\doc2any.exe<space><options><space> D:\doc2any_cmd\*.pptx<space>D:\doc2any_cmd\*.hpgl<enter>
Thank you for choosing our product.

To get each page of single pptx file converted into hpgl files, the key point to make the tool help you reach that is to add % following the targeting file name, more details, pleaser see the example below:

C:\Documents and Settings\admin>D:\doc2any_cmd\doc2any.exe<space><options><space> D:\doc2any_cmd\one.pptx<space>D:\doc2any_cmd\one%.hpgl<enter>
Thank you for choosing our product.

Interested to try this great tool, please click the link to download it, to know more parameters and buy an authorized version of DOC to Any Converter Command Line, please click here to visit its main webpage on the internet. Thank you for reading this article about converting pptx to hpgl and welcome to rectify it.

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