A particular I meet about use of VeryDOC to any converter

I once did the operation about mutual conversion of the document format with the helpful software of VeryDOC to any converter, but it failed. After my inspection I still confused, my all operation were the same with the sample case, at the beginning I suspected my laptop had mistake or something  wrong of mine, for a while I was sure my mind and other state were no problem, so I seriously operated again as the instruction told, many trying later however, the result is unchangeable.

In order to exclude breakdown of my laptop, I had run other programs, through the suspension that pointed to my laptop and myself which proved they were innocent, I began to censure the producer of VeryDOC to any converter and further to curse the supervial department who deceive society and are mercenary. The time passed without any feeling, when I was quiet than just,  I reflected the years I had underwent , yes I was not good and always liked selecting others’ fault but myself, more satirically in the end the reason always lied in myself.  Being filled with the unyielding attitude I decided to check the reason again with my humble heart, accompanying with the mysterious sensation no person can tell it comes from soul or the God, I suddenly found the difference compared with the sample case, at the moment I was so happy that had disregarded  the reason whether it lied in me or not?  I only want to operate it again.

The problem is my ignorant computer knowledge, that request every command among which a space key input is must,  this is the very particular I meet.

Now the satisfactory result appeared, but I was not happy as supposed before it, I once more recognized myself, as if an indescribable thing echoed around me.

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