Return code from PS to Text SDK Library

We have purchased your product "PS2Image and PS2Text". When using the PS2Text SDK using a C#, I was running the following code

public long Convert2TXT()
        long nRet = 0;
        string strCmd = null;
        strCmd = "ps2txt -$ XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX";
        strCmd = strCmd + " \"" + strInFile + "\"";
        strCmd = strCmd + " \"" + strOutFile + "\"";
        nRet = VeryPDF_PSToText(strCmd);
        return nRet;

My issue is, when I run the above code, the nRet (the integer that is the result of the command), if this number is zero or less than zero it is not success - right?, but if that number is a positive number it means success - right?

in some case I get number 2, as a result and there is not file output saved - Do you have what error number 2 means?, I was just wondering if you have list of results that show explanations of error outputs.



Thanks for your message, VeryPDF_PSToText() function does return following error codes,
//0: - Success not found any problem.
//1: - Couldn't open PDF file, this PDF file maybe contains an open password or be damaged
//2: - Couldn't open output text file
//10: - Success with found some embed fonts.
//11: - Success with have only embed fonts in PDF file.
//12: - Fail with empty text file such as this PDF is picture scan or PDF have only picture.
//-1: - Fail with other causes (can not convert to text file) such as found exception, time out, not enough memory.
//-11: - Fail with something is wrong in input parameters,

Postscript to Text Converter SDK can be downloaded from following web page,


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