PDF program to merge different documents and delete empty page

Question:  Hello! I'm looking for a PDF program somewhat like this: I need it to combine word & PDF documents into one document, as well as delete any empty pages within the newly created PDF.Is there a solution on VeryDOC? Thanks in advance if anyone knows.

Answer: When you need to merge word to PDF and delete empty page after merging, maybe you can have a free trial of this software: VeryDOC DOC to Any Converter. By this software, we can convert word to PDF or merge word to an existing PDF without MS Office or OpenOffice installed. When you need, this software also can help you delete empty page. The latest version of this software is totally standalone software, it does not depends on MS Office or other third party application. Please check more information of this software on homepage, in the following part, I will show you how to use this software.

Step 1. Free download DOC to Any Converter Command Line.

  • This software is command line version software, when downloading finishes it is a zip file. You need to extract it to some folder then you can call it from MS Dos Windows.
  • Please make sure download the latest version of this software as the older version does not cover the functions stated blow.

Step 2. Merge word to PDF and delete empty page.

  • When you need to merge word to an existing PDF file, by this software you can append it to the last page or the first page of the existing PDF file.
  • Here is the usage of this software, please have a check: DOC2Any [options] <in-file> [<out-file>]
  • When appending, please use the following parameters:
  • -append <int> :
        -append 0          : Overwrite if PDF file exists
        -append 1          : Insert before first page if PDF file exists
        -append 2          : Append to last page if PDF file exists
        -append 3          : Rename filename if PDF file exists
    -noempty               : Delete empty pages from PDF file
    Here are some command line templates for your reference:
    doc2any.exe -append 2 -width 612 -height 792 -noempty C:\*.doc C:\out.pdf
    By this command line, we can insert before first page if PDF file exists. Using wild character *, you can merge all word files in C directory to the existing PDF file. Meanwhile you can specify width and height, deleting empty pages.
    doc2any.exe -append 1-noempty  C:\*.doc C:\out.pdf

By this software and those parameters, you can merge word to PDF and delete empty page. There are more functions of this software, I can not list all of them here. Please check more on homepage, during the using, if you have any question, please contact us as soon as possible.

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