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Convert PPT to SVG

I am needing a way to convert PPT to SVG.

Please help I did not realize it would be this hard.

Thanks for your message, you can use VeryDOC DOC to Any Converter to convert a PPT file to SVG file directly, VeryDOC DOC to Any Converter can be downloaded from following web page,

you can run following command lines to convert from PPT files to SVG files,

doc2any.exe C:\test.ppt C:\out.svg
doc2any.exe C:\test.pptx C:\out.svg

I have purchased some stuff like this in the past that has not worked. Can you convert 1 of my 20 plus templates to show me yours does work.

Thanks You very much
Please refer to attached SVG file, this SVG file was created by following command line, we hoping this SVG file will reach your requirement,

doc2any.exe "D:\temp\ecraft boardingpass.pptx" "D:\temp\ecraft boarding pass.svg"


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