How to singly or batch convert Office to PDF with command line

VeryDOC DOC to Any Converter helps you singly or batch convert Office to PDF with command line on Windows platforms.

What is VeryDOC DOC to Any Converter generally?

VeryDOC DOC to Any Converter can be widely applied to singly or batch convert various files to another kinds of files, e.g., DOC, DOCX, RTF, TXT, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX, OpenOffice ODT, HTML, MHTML files to PDF, Postscript, PS, EPS, SVG, SWF, XPS, PCL, HPGL, HTML, MHTML, RTF, Text, XML, JPG, TIFF, EMF, WMF, BMP, GIF, PNG, TGA, PCX, etc. formats. To know more about this software, please go to official website of VeryDOC DOC to Any Converter.

How to singly or batch convert Office file to PDF file through commands with this application?

First of all, please download package of this application from entrance below, and then,  please unzip this ZIP file into your computer so that trial version of this utility could be used directly in your computer.

Download VeryDOC DOC to Any Converter

Then, steps to singly or batch convert Office file to PDF file with this software are as follows:

Single process

After you open Command Prompt window, you could refer to following examples to type commands there so that you can accomplish conversion conveniently and quickly:

   doc2any.exe C:\in\a.doc D:\out\a.pdf

doc2any.exe C:\in\b.ppt F:\out\b.pdf

doc2any.exe C:\in\c.xls E:\out\c.pdf

doc2any.exe C:\in\d.docx C:\out\d.pdf

doc2any.exe C:\in\e.pptx D:\out\e.pdf

doc2any.exe C:\in\f.xlsx F:\out\f.pdf

Batch process

Likely, after you open Command Prompt, please refer to examples below to fulfill your process:

doc2any.exe C:\in\*.doc D:\out\*.pdf

doc2any.exe C:\in\*.ppt F:\out\*.pdf

doc2any.exe C:\in\*.xls E:\out\*.pdf

doc2any.exe C:\in\*.docx C:\out\*.pdf

doc2any.exe C:\in\*.pptx D:\out\*.pdf

doc2any.exe C:\in\*.xlsx F:\out\*.pdf

As we can see, in both single process and batch process, we all need to call executive file “doc2any.exe” through its path in order to run VeryDOC DOC to Any Converter, and then specify input Office file and output file name so that our application can figure out which types of input and output files you want to deal with. However, to process batch files, it is essential to use wildcard “*” to represent all files of which type you want to convert, likely, after you specify output file type “.pdf”, you can use the same way to specify dozens of PDF files with “*”. After typing commands like above separately, office files can be converted to PDF files successfully.

Is it easy and convenient to use VeryDOC DOC to Any Converter to singly or batch convert Office file to PDF file with commands? To know how to edit PDF properties with parameters, welcome to read “readme.txt” file so that you can know more, or just keep visiting here.

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