How to intercept a print job, convert it to PDF file or plain text file or image file and then forward the print job to another printer?

We have some customers who often ask us about how to intercept and capture the print jobs from Windows printer, save them to PDF or text or image files and then continue the printing, yes, this is a good question, VeryPDF docPrint Pro is a good software to implement this function, it can capture all print jobs, save them to various document formats, and then execute the printing continue.

docPrint Pro v8.0 can be downloaded from this web page,

Here is the release note for the docPrint Pro v8.0 software,

Here are some questions from our customers, just for your reference,

I wish to intercept print jobs, read who they are from etc., and then only print them, if the program wants to.

Is there any documents or samples on doing such a thing, if so can some one point me to them, or give me a sample below?

Something on the pc prints (e.g. notepad), the program intercepts the print job (it does not get printed), if the program determines if the print job is worthy of being printed, then it will be printed.

Currently I'm using system.printing, to collect all the printers and find new print jobs,
pause them if they are new, read information about them, e.g. pages, paper size (have not figured out paper size yet), if they are to be printed, un-pause them, else cancel them.

This is not the best way, as i have to make the program auto close the print job window, if it is opened. Because un-pausing a print job, even for part of a second, lets the whole print job get to the printer.

Customer A
How to Intercept Printer Data?

Could anybody tell me how can I create a small driver to intercept and capture information being sent to the printer and instead write it to a file?

Customer B
I need to intercept a print order from a program like Core, Photoshop or Word and capture a series of data from it just like the print date, dimensions of impression etc. to save in a database and then release it to print.

Customer C
Is there any way to intercept print jobs on network or local printer

Is there a way to monitor the print queue (before it gets to the print queue) and make sure that a particular user is only printing specified number of copy of a document? I want to find out how many copies of printout particular user had taken to maintain a record of this. How can I do that using Java Code or any other programing language?

Thanks In Advance...
Customer D
How capture printer data before print, parsing and edit the data then send it to printer?

Any C# sample would be great.

I'm looking for source code or sample that get printer data before print (capture printer output) put it in variable and change some values then print it in form.

Any idea how to get data and put it into variable for special purpose?

Customer E
How Do I Intercept Data Sent From A Printer Attached To Retail POS In A Store?


Please I need help from experts familiar with printer technology, I'm designing a loyalty solution that will capture transactions performed in a retail store, I'd like to fetch the records of the items and amount sent to the printer for receipt printing. Is there a way I can intercept that data and store in a location for later collation?

Appreciate any ideas on this.
Customer F
How to intercept a print job convert it to plain text and print?

Dear Experts,

I need some advice and tips for a new project i want to start.

I will be working with several bars and restaurants for a loyalty program.

Since all the customers already have a POS Software/Hardware from different vendors, i need to write a program to be able to capture in plain text the final invoice when the POS prints the final receipt.

The process should be something like:

1. The user send the command to the POS software to print the final check
2. The program will intercept the printing job, and create a plain text file and store it into the local PC.
3. The check is printed automatically
4. This should be done in silent mode, the user should not notice anything different.

My questions are:

1. Is this possible to do with POS printers like the ESPONS TM family printers?
2. First I want to build this for Windows XP to Windows 8.
3. Which programming language is more suitable for this task? I can use C# and Delphi.

I will give the max point available!!!

Thanks Experts!
Customer G

VeryPDF docPrint Pro v8.0 has a printing capture and forwarding function, please by following steps to use this function,

1. Please download and install docPrint Pro v8.0 from this web page,

2. If you are using 64bit Windows system, your default installation folder will be "C:\Program Files (x86)\docPrint Pro v8.0", you will see the files in this folder after you install it,

3. After you install the docPrint Pro v8.0 software, you can run following command line to connect docPrint and another printer together,

"C:\Program Files (x86)\docPrint Pro v8.0\artprint.exe" -forwardprinter


You will see following setting dialog for Printer Redirection,


You can select a target printer (forwarded printer) first, for example, you can choose "Microsoft XPS Document Writer" for test purpose, if you print documents to docPrint, docPrint will forward the print jobs to "Microsoft XPS Document Writer", you will get XPS files automatically.

If you want to get the PDF and Text files for each captured print job, you need to check "Save document as PDF" and "Extract to text files" two options.

OK, You can click "Save & Close" button to close this dialog.

4. Now, you can run MS Word application or other applications for printing purpose, you can open a Word document in MS Word application, print it to docPrint virtual printer, you will get a PDF file and a plain text file in predefined folder and also get a XPS file automatically.


This is the printing captured PDF document, the filename is "20180415113535_4_Microsoft Word - Original Filename.pdf", this PDF file looks fine,


You will also get a text file in the same folder, the text filename is "20180415113535_4_Microsoft Word - Original Filename.txt", this text file has same layout with original Word document and PDF file.

5. Everything is fine now.

We suggest you may download the trial version of docPrint Pro v8.0 to try, if you encounter any problem with it, please feel free to let us know, we are glad to assist you asap.

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