A way to convert txt to gif

In this article, I will introduce a method to help you convert txt to gif. First, let me introduce the main converting tool here---DOC to Any Converter Command Line. It is simple to illustrate what it is----DOC to Any Converter Command Line is a powerful tool, which can help you produce any kinds of popular files from the Office files. In addition, DOC to Any Converter Command Line supports the batch conversion and editing the targeting properties. To convert txt file to gif file, there are 3 steps needed:

1. Install the converting tool

DOC to Any Converter Command Line has a smaller size, so it is very convenient to install it in your pc, which can take up the smaller space of pc. Before that, you need to own its program, and here is the download link: https://www.verydoc.com/doc2any_cmd.zip, click it, you can get the program of DOC to Any Converter Command Line, then please unzip it to your computer and double-click “doc2any.exe” in “doc2any_cmd” folder to install DOC to Any Converter Command Line in your computer.

2. Open the command prompt window

the command prompt window is the running environment of DOC to Any Converter Command Line. The ways to open it is as follows:

click “Windows+R”>the start menu can be opened>click “Run”>a dialog box can be popup>type “cmd.exe”>click “ok”

3. Input the command lines

first, please launch DOC to Any Converter Command Line in the command prompt window, and there are 2 ways: drag and drop the program of “doc2any.exe” into the command prompt window, or just input the path of the program of “doc2any.exe”.

second, if you want to set the options of the targeting file, it is the right time after opening the main tool. Different options need different parameters. For instance, input “-rotate 200” in the command prompt window, and it can help you set the rotation of the targeting file as 200 degree. When you complete the setting of the targeting file, please add the source file for the conversion, and you can input the path of the source file to realize it. Then to set the targeting file type and the destination folder, you can reach it by the way of inputting the targeting path after the add of the source path. Finally, please click “enter” to convert txt to gif with DOC to Any Converter Command Line in the command prompt window.

C:\Documents and Settings\admin>D:\doc2any_cmd\doc2any.exe –rotate 200 D:\doc2any_cmd\txt.txt D:\doc2any_cmd\txt.gif
Thank you for choosing our product.
'D:\doc2any_cmd\txt.txt' file contains 3 pages.
Conversion time = 3406ms
D:\doc2any_cmd\txt.txt ==> D:\doc2any_cmd\txt.gif, result=OK
TickCount = 3406ms(3.41s), Result = 1

Any questions about DOC to Any Converter Command Line, please visit its official website at: https://www.verydoc.com/doc-to-any-options.html. Thank you for your support about how to convert txt to gif.

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One Reply to “A way to convert txt to gif”

  1. This does not work as you claim.
    We have an installer creating 2post script printers for driver “HP Color LaserJet 2800 Series PS”. One File and one LPT1. When we attempt to make the call to doc2any in the same manner as this post describes, the print request just sits in the printer queue with an error state.
    If we manually delete the item AND delete the printers we created (both a File and LPT1 printer), the doc2any dll appears to create 2 new printers (File and LPT1), both using the “MS Publisher Color Printer”. From this point onward these printers work… until you restart the machine. Then it continues to function somehow, even though the print queue fills up with entries for “AbiWord “, some in an error state, others not. In fact I am writing this post from a machine where doc2any has created 3 printers, even though it is apparently only using the one LPT1 printer for doing anything.

    I have even gone so far as to remove our installer and application out of the picture entirely.
    With the command line assemblies downloaded from your site, and using the example “example.doc” file you include with that. If I start on a completely clean windows 7 32 bit OS, and run the command “doc2any C:\example.doc C:\example.pdf”, the tool displays 2 error dialogs about there being no program associated with this file type, it creates 2 printers (File and LPT1), and eventually completes the conversion. However just as in the previous case, the printer queue for the LPT1 printer fills with items left in an unknown state.
    This is all incredibly frustrating and useless, and will likely result in our having to abandon use of this product.


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