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VeryDOC Cloud API benefits

VeryDOC Cloud API to convert HTML to PDF from PHP, Javascript, C#, VB.NET, C++, ASP, .NET, etc. program languages, it can also be used to split PDF, merge PDF, read barcodes, read Excel files, read spreadsheets, convert PDF to JSON, etc. operations.

  • Robust REST API to work with PDF, Barcodes (to read and to generate).
  • Cloud API SDKs are available for Javascript, PHP, Python, .NET, Ruby, Android, Objective-C, Android and many others or use the API directly.


PDF functions:

  • HTML to PDF – convert html to pdf. You may provide your own html code or URL to a webpage to convert into pdf.
  • PDF to CSV – extracts structured data from pdf files and save to CSV format.
  • PDF information – extracts author, producer, creation date, number of pages, how many embedded files, is it encrypted and other information.
  • PDF to TXT – converts PDF text content into plain text with a visual layout preserved based on the original pdf file.
  • PDF to JSON – extracts text and layout information from PDF and represents as JSON ready to be consumed by other API or your own code.
  • PDF To XML – extracts text and layout information from PDF and represents as XML data ready to be consumed by other API or your own code.
  • PDF to HTML – converts PDF into HTML page with text, images, layout preserved
  • PDF to PNG – renders pages from PDF into lossless high-quality PNG image files.
  • PDF to JPG – renders PDF pages into high quality JPEG images that you may use to preview pdf document or to represent PDF document.
  • Adds images and text to existing PDF – adds images into PDF file, adds text into PDF file and returns modified PDF.
  • Split PDF – extracts a range of pages or single pages from PDF file as separate pdf files.
  • Merge PDF – merges pages from existing PDF files into new one in a given order

Barcode functions:

  • Barcode generation – generate QR Code, Code 128, Code 39, PDF417, Code 39, Code 128 barcodes and get them as JPG, PNG, TIFF high quality images
  • Read barcodes – reads barcodes from PDF, reads barcode from image and returns JSON with information about barcodes found and decoded. Supports QR Code, Code 128, Code 39, Datamatrix, PDF417 and many many other barcode types. Supports noisy barcodes, rotated barcodes.
  • Pay per month, cancel at any time, no annual contracts required.

Please look at more information about VeryDOC Cloud API from these web pages,

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