Two ways to convert PowerPoint to png

DOC to Any Converter Command Line is a professional converting tool, which could help you convert Office documents to any file formats, such as Word to png, excel to flash or PowerPoint to eps etc., and also it supports the batch conversion, and customizing the properties of the targeting file. However, this converting tool is very flexible, cause DOC to Any Converter Command Line could help you with the task in 2 different ways, and here are the methods to convert PowerPoint to png with DOC to Any Converter Command Line below. 🙂


1. Please open the running environment----the command prompt window,  click “start” of pc>get its menu on the screen of computer>select “Run” on start menu >there is a dialog box popup>input “cmd.exe”>click “ok”, and finally, the command prompt window could be opened up, and here is the current directory in the command prompt window:

C:\Documents and Settings\admin>

2. Please drag and drop the program of “doc2any.exe” or input the path of “doc2any.exe” to run DOC to Any Converter Command Line, and then if you want to edit the options of the targeting file, you could input the parameters after running the converter, and in the following example, I use “<options>” to represent any parameters you could input. And next, please input the source path  to add the source file. Then type the targeting path to customize the file name and file type, and at last, please click “enter” to convert PowerPoint to png.

C:\Documents and Settings\admin>D:\doc2any_cmd\doc2any.exe<space><options><space>



And if you want to convert PowerPoint file to png file with a different way, please refer to the following example: 🙂

C:\Documents and Settings\admin>D:<enter> 

(note: to enter into D disc that containing “doc2any.exe”)


(note: to change directory, then enter into the folder of “doc2any_cmd” containing “doc2any.exe”)


(note: to run the converter, to add the source file and the targeting file name with extension)

And at the end of this article about how to convert PowerPoint to png with DOC to Any Converter Command Line, to know more info about DOC to Any Converter Command Line with more real parameters, please click : And to know more articles about DOC to Any Converter Command Line, please visit

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