pdf compressor

Compress PDF files for fast web viewing and downloading

In today's fast-paced business landscape, the efficient management of documents is pivotal for productivity and cost-effectiveness. VeryDOC PDF Compressor Command Line stands as an indispensable server solution designed to revolutionize document handling, offering a suite of features tailored to streamline the conversion, compression, and optimization of documents into PDF format. With its array of functionalities, this software proves to be a game-changer for businesses dealing with high-volume document processing needs.



Automated Conversion and Compression

VeryDOC PDF Compressor Command Line is a powerhouse when it comes to transforming documents into PDFs. It specializes in 100% accurate conversion of born-digital files into PDF format. Whether your documents are in image format or originated digitally, this software ensures precision and fidelity in the conversion process.

Enhanced Speed and Efficiency

This server solution prioritizes efficiency by offering faster document conversion through unattended processing and touchless automation features. This means minimal manual intervention, allowing your team to focus on more critical tasks while the software handles the bulk of document processing seamlessly.

Integrated OCR Technology

The integration of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology sets this software apart. It enables full-text searching for all scanned documents converted into PDF and PDF/A files. This functionality significantly enhances document accessibility and searchability, empowering users to retrieve information swiftly and accurately.

Auto-Tagging for Accessibility

VeryDOC PDF Compressor Command Line goes beyond mere conversion and compression. It incorporates auto-tagging capabilities for unstructured documents, thereby creating more accessible PDFs. This feature ensures compliance with accessibility standards and improves document usability for all users.

Industry-Leading Compression Technology

One of the standout features of this software is its cutting-edge compression technology. It dramatically reduces download times and slashes storage costs by over 50%. By efficiently compressing documents without compromising quality, businesses can optimize their storage resources and enhance data transfer speed.


In essence, VeryDOC PDF Compressor Command Line emerges as an indispensable tool for businesses seeking a comprehensive solution for document conversion, compression, and optimization. Its commitment to accuracy, speed, OCR integration, accessibility enhancements, and state-of-the-art compression technology makes it a standout choice for companies dealing with high-volume document management.

In a landscape where efficiency and cost-effectiveness are paramount, this software stands as a beacon of streamlined document processing, ensuring that businesses can maximize their productivity and minimize operational costs.

Discover the power of VeryDOC PDF Compressor Command Line and transform your document handling experience today.

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pdf to dwg converter

Introducing PDF to DWG Converter SDK: Empowering Seamless PDF to DWG File Conversion for Developers

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital documentation, the need for versatile tools that facilitate file format conversions has become increasingly paramount. Among these necessities, the conversion from PDF to DWG (AutoCAD Drawing Database File) stands as a pivotal requirement for professionals in architecture, engineering, and various design domains. To cater to this demand, VeryDOC presents the PDF to DWG Converter SDK – a comprehensive solution tailored for developers seeking seamless integration and efficient conversion capabilities within their software applications.

The PDF to DWG Converter SDK offers a powerful set of tools encapsulated in a developer-friendly package, providing the means to convert PDF files into editable DWG formats programmatically. Developers can harness this SDK to empower their applications with the ability to transform static PDF drawings or plans into editable DWG files, facilitating enhanced editing, manipulation, and collaboration within the AutoCAD environment.



Developer License and Integration:

Upon acquiring the PDF to DWG Converter SDK Developer License, users gain access to essential components necessary for integration into their software solutions. The SDK comes equipped with crucial files, including 'data.dat', 'pdf2dwg.dll' (or 'pdf2dwg.exe'), 'pdf2dwgcom.exe', 'pdf2vec.dll', 'pdffmt.dll', 'pdfmain.dll', and 'zlib.dll'.

These files serve as the backbone for enabling seamless PDF to DWG conversion functionalities within the developers' applications. Leveraging these components, developers can initiate conversions through different methods:

  1. Direct DLL Integration: Developers can incorporate the 'pdf2dwg.dll' into their C# projects, allowing direct access to the SDK's functionality within their codebase. Additionally, the 'pdf2dwgcom.exe' provides a COM interface, enabling easy integration and invocation from C# source code.

  2. Command Line Interface: For more straightforward implementation, the 'pdf2dwg.exe' executable offers a command-line interface, allowing developers to initiate the conversion process directly from their C# applications by executing the command-line utility.

Evaluation and Trial Version:

While a trial version specifically for the PDF to DWG Converter SDK is not yet available, developers can access the trial version of the 'PDF to DWG Converter Command Line' from the provided link: pdf2dwg.zip. This trial version shares the same core source code as the SDK version, allowing users to evaluate its capabilities before making a purchase.

Redistribution Requirements:

It's crucial to note that alongside the primary converter files, redistributing auxiliary files like 'data.dat' and 'zlib.dll' is essential. These files play a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless functioning of the PDF to DWG conversion process within end-user applications.

In summary, the PDF to DWG Converter SDK from VeryDOC offers developers a robust solution to integrate PDF to DWG conversion capabilities seamlessly into their software applications. With its array of essential files and versatile integration methods, this SDK empowers developers to enhance their applications with the transformative power of automated PDF to DWG conversion.

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pdf margin crop

PDF Margin Crop software cropped page numbers from PDF pages

Hi All,

We are using VeryDOC PDF Margin Crop software, downloaded from this web page,


Attached are the 6 pdf's, of which 3 pdfs Samp1_org.pdf, Samp2_org.pdf & Samp3_org.pdf are original pdf. The Margin Cropped version of the same are Samp1_MC.pdf, Samp2_MC.pdf & Samp3_MC.pdf.

In both Samp1 & Samp2, the last page, not just the margins but even the text portion is being cropped. May I know how to avoid these. The command I used to crop the pdf is as follows:

pdfmc -linewidth 20 -margin .1x.1x1x.1in Samp1_Org.pdf Samp1_MC.pdf

I have attached the Samp3 to know from you if there is any tool that can remove the line numbers present on the left side of the pdf.

I would also like to know if there is a tool that can convert pdf to MS word xml format.

Thanking you in advance.

Thanks for your message, please use "-linewidth 0" option to retain all text portions, for example,

"C:\Program Files (x86)\VeryDOC PDF Margin Crop v2.0\pdfmc.exe" -linewidth 0 -margin 0.1x0.1x0.1x0.1in D:\Downloads\1\Samp2_Org.pdf D:\Downloads\1\Samp2_Croped.pdf

You have 291 time to evaluate this product, you may purchase a full version from http://www.verypdf.com
D:\Downloads\1\Samp2_Org.pdf ==> D:\Downloads\1\Samp2_Croped.pdf
Process page #1, crop page to [56.16 72.96 555.36 778.08]
Process page #2, crop page to [56.16 31.68 555.36 778.08]
Process page #3, crop page to [56.16 31.68 555.36 778.08]
Process page #4, crop page to [56.16 31.68 555.36 778.08]
Process page #5, crop page to [56.16 31.68 555.36 778.08]
Process page #6, crop page to [56.16 31.68 555.36 778.08]
Process page #7, crop page to [56.16 31.68 555.36 778.08]
Process page #8, crop page to [56.16 31.68 555.36 778.08]
Process page #9, crop page to [56.16 31.68 555.36 778.08]
Process page #10, crop page to [52.80 31.68 558.24 778.08]
Process page #11, crop page to [52.80 31.68 558.24 778.08]
Process page #12, crop page to [52.80 31.68 558.24 778.08]
Process page #13, crop page to [52.80 31.68 558.24 778.08]

This is original PDF page,


This is cropped PDF page by "-linewidth 20" option, the page footer number has been cropped from PDF page,


This is cropped PDF page by "-linewidth 0" option, as you see the page footer number be kept perfectly, so you can use "-linewidth 0" option to keep all text portions,


You can use VeryPDF PDF to Word Converter software to convert from PDF files to Office DOC/RTF files, after you get DOC/RTF files, you may open them in MS Word and save to Word XML format easily, we can also add an additional function to allow you to convert DOC/RTF files to Word XML files automatically.

You may download the trial version of VeryPDF PDF to Word Converter software from this web page to try,


We have also a "PDF to Word Converter SDK/CLI" product for Developers, you may buy it from this web page if you need it,



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video to gif converter

VeryDOC Video to GIF Converter is the best video to GIF converting software which enables you to make GIF from video in high quality on Windows

Introducing VeryDOC Video to GIF Converter: Your Ultimate Tool for Creating Stunning GIFs

In the age of social media and online communication, GIFs have become a ubiquitous and engaging way to express thoughts, emotions, and creativity. Whether it's for personal enjoyment or professional communication, the ability to turn videos into GIFs is a valuable skill. Enter VeryDOC Video to GIF Converter, the top-tier software designed to empower users with the ability to effortlessly transform videos into high-quality GIFs on Windows.

VeryDOC Video to GIF Converter,

VeryUtils Video to GIF Converter,


Superior Speed and Quality

One of the standout features of VeryDOC Video to GIF Converter is its exceptional speed and quality. This software boasts super-fast conversion, allowing you to transform videos into GIFs quickly and efficiently. Whether you have MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, or other popular video formats, VeryDOC Video to GIF Converter can handle them all while maintaining the highest quality.

Video to GIF Conversion Made Simple

Making a GIF from your favorite video clips has never been easier. With VeryDOC Video to GIF Converter, you can seamlessly convert videos into GIFs with just a few clicks. The software supports a wide range of video formats, including MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, FLV, and M4V, totaling over 200 different video formats. This means you have the flexibility to work with your preferred video files.

Offline GIF Creation for Your Convenience

Unlike online GIF makers, which often come with limitations and require an internet connection, VeryDOC Video to GIF Converter empowers you to create GIFs at any time, without internet constraints. This feature ensures that you can transform your videos into captivating GIFs whenever inspiration strikes.

Customize Your GIFs with Precision

Tailoring your GIFs to meet your exact requirements is a breeze with VeryDOC Video to GIF Converter. The software offers a wide range of output settings, including options for video encoders, resolutions, and more. This means you can fine-tune your GIFs to match your desired specifications and creative vision.

Professional Video Editing Functions

Beyond its core GIF creation capabilities, VeryDOC Video to GIF Converter offers professional video editing functions. You can edit videos before converting them to GIFs, adjusting parameters such as brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, and more. Furthermore, you can add your personal watermark to the output GIF files, ensuring your creations are uniquely yours.

High Output Quality and User-Friendly Design

User experience matters, and VeryDOC Video to GIF Converter excels in this regard. The software features a clean and user-friendly interface, making it accessible to both beginners and experienced users. Moreover, it ensures that the converted GIFs maintain the original video quality, guaranteeing stunning results.

Additional Features

  • Preview: You can preview the effects of both the source video and the converted GIF while making adjustments.
  • Snapshot: Capture random snapshots at specific moments to save your favorite frames.
  • Customize Profile Settings: Fine-tune output parameters like video encoder, frame rate, bitrate, audio channel, and more.
  • Batch Conversion: Boost your efficiency by converting multiple videos into GIFs simultaneously.

VeryDOC Video to GIF Converter is the ultimate tool for creating captivating GIFs from videos. With its blazing-fast speed, extensive format support, customizable options, and user-friendly interface, it caters to users of all levels. Whether you're looking to share humorous moments with friends or enhance your professional communication, VeryDOC Video to GIF Converter is your go-to solution for turning videos into eye-catching GIFs. Unleash your creativity and elevate your GIF-making game with this exceptional software.

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doc to any converter

Convert HTML to MS Word .doc/.docx with VeryDOC DOC to Any Converter Command Line

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, the need to convert documents from one format to another has become increasingly prevalent. Whether you're dealing with web content, articles, or any HTML-based documents, the ability to seamlessly transform them into Microsoft Word formats (.doc and .docx) can be a game-changer. If you've been enjoying the VeryPDF text-to-PDF product, you'll be pleased to know that VeryDOC has the perfect solution for your HTML to Word conversion needs - the "VeryDOC DOC to Any Converter Command Line."


Introducing VeryDOC DOC to Any Converter Command Line

The VeryDOC DOC to Any Converter Command Line is a versatile and powerful tool designed to convert HTML files into Microsoft Word document formats. With a simple and efficient command-line interface, this software provides a quick and reliable solution for all your document conversion requirements.

Getting Started

To begin harnessing the capabilities of the VeryDOC DOC to Any Converter Command Line, follow these steps:

Step 1: Download the Trial Version

You can start by downloading the trial version of VeryDOC DOC to Any Converter Command Line from the official website. Simply visit the following link to access the download page:


Step 2: Installation

After downloading, proceed to install the software on your system. The installation process is straightforward and user-friendly.

Step 3: Conversion

Now that you have the software installed, you can initiate HTML to Word conversions with ease using command-line instructions. Here are a couple of examples to help you get started:

1. To convert an HTML file to a .doc file, use the following command:

doc2any.exe D:\Downloads\test.htm D:\Downloads\test.doc

2. To convert an HTML file to a .docx file, use the following command:

doc2any.exe D:\Downloads\test.htm D:\Downloads\test.docx

In these commands, replace "D:\Downloads\test.htm" with the path to your HTML file and specify the desired output file path and format. The VeryDOC DOC to Any Converter Command Line will handle the conversion process seamlessly, ensuring that your HTML content is accurately transformed into Microsoft Word documents.

The VeryDOC DOC to Any Converter Command Line is your reliable partner for converting HTML files to .doc and .docx formats. Whether you're a business professional, a content creator, or anyone dealing with digital documents, this tool streamlines the conversion process, saving you time and effort.

We hope that VeryDOC DOC to Any Converter Command Line becomes an invaluable addition to your document conversion toolkit. If you encounter any questions or require further assistance, do not hesitate to reach out to the VeryDOC support team. They are dedicated to ensuring that your document conversion tasks are as efficient and convenient as possible.

Thank you for choosing VeryDOC, and we look forward to helping you succeed in your document conversion endeavors.


The VeryDOC Team

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