Do you know some ways to convert pptx to xps?

Yes, I do. I know a multi-functional converting tool, which is named for DOC to Any Converter Command Line. Thus, please allow me to illustrate DOC to Any Converter Command Line briefly. DOC to Any Converter Command Line is on account of the command line, which could help users convert almost office documents to any formats,  such as word to pdf, ppt to svg, xls to jpg etc. DOC to Any Converter Command Line also support to process the task in batches and set up the properties, which is very flexible. In the next following paragraphs, you will know how to convert pptx to xps with DOC to Any Converter Command Line.

In general, there are 2 methods I will mention based on your question with DOC to Any Converter Command Line.


Please open the operating environment of DOC to Any Converter Command Line first, which is the command prompt window:

click “start” button> select “Run”>input “cmd.exe”>click “ok” button, and below is the current directory:

C:\Documents and Settings\admin>

After opening the operating environment, it is time to use the converter, you could input the path of ‘doc2any.exe’, here is the example below:

C:\Documents and Settings\admin>D:\doc2any_cmd\doc2any.exe<space>

In this step, there are 2 options for you to choose:

  • to set up the properties of xps, you could input the parameters after running DOC to Any Converter Command Line. Then continue to input the source path, the objective path to convert the file with clicking “enter” button in turn.


E:\abcd\a. pptx<space>F:\output\ab.xps<enter>

here <options> stands for the parameters, when you need to convert files, you just need to change the source path, the parameters, and the targeting path.

  • or directly input the source file, the targeting location and convert pptx to xps with clicking “enter” button. Below is the example without the parameters:



It is the end to generate a multiple pages xls file. Also you could generate xps files in batches from a folder, and process each slide of pptx files to single page xps files in batches, you could refer to these examples separately below:

C:\Documents and Settings\admin>D:\doc2any_cmd\doc2any.exe<space>



C:\Documents and Settings\admin>D:\doc2any_cmd\doc2any.exe<space>


from the examples above, we could get a conclusion: to get all of source files of one folder converted, just change all of file names to ‘*’; to get each page of source file(s) converted to single page of targeting file(s), just add ‘%’ behind the targeting file name.


You could refer to the following examples, which could help you avoid inputting the path of doc2any.exe:

C:\Documents and Settings\admin>D:<enter>  (enter into the disk containing doc2any.exe)

D:\>cd<space>D:\doc2any_cmd<enter>           (enter into the folder containing doc2any.exe)


(make sure the source file could be in the same folder with ‘doc2any.exe’, use the converter, set up the properties, add source file and targeting name, then convert the file)     

and by analogy, you could process the source files from each page to single targeting files:

C:\Documents and Settings\admin>D:<enter> 



More info of DOC to Any Converter Command Line, please click this link:, if you want to get a trial version, you could click here:

Thank you for reading the article about converting pptx to xps with DOC to Any Converter Command Line.

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