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AVI to FLV Converter

FLV is the format of Flash video file, which is a Flash-compatible video file exported by the Flash Video Exporter plug-in or other program with FLV file support. FLV file could consist of a short header, interleaved audio, video, and metadata packets. The merits of FLV files are the smaller size, the better quality and the lower occupation ratio of CPU, which are the reasons for the wide usage on the internet. AVI to FLV Converter is a powerful tool to help users convert AVI to FLV. During the conversion of AVI to FLV, users which could set the properties of FLV file(s) flexibly.

With the help of the following picture, users could know the main interface of this converter consists of the tool bar, the processing table and the progress bar. To add AVI file(s), there are 3 ways to choose:

  • click [Add Video File(s)] button>select source video(s)>click [open] button;
  • drag and drop AVI file(s) into the processing table directly;
  • Click the right button of mouse in the processing table>select [Add files]>choose source file(s)>click [open] button.

Then AVI file(s) could be shown as the path(s) in the processing table.

Interface of adding source video

To set the targeting file type and the properties of objective file(s), users could click [Options] button to get the panel of [Options]: click the edit-box of [Convert to] to choose [.flv] as the objective file type, and through clicking other edit-boxes and radios, users could set the related parameters like the resolution and the quality of video, or just extract audio/video to FLV from AVI video(s). To go back to the main interface, please click [ok] button to close the panel of [Options].

Panel of Options

After the basic setting, users could select the targeting folder and convert AVI to FLV: click [Convert] button>select a folder>click [ok] button to choose an objective folder for FLV file(s), later, along with the display of “Success” in the column of [Information], it is successful to convert AVI to FLV.

Interface after conversion

If interested in this converter, users could click here to get a trial version, and click here to purchase the Authorized Version officially.

Features of AVI to FLV Converter:
  • Supports to run in 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/2008/7 systems.
  • Batch process—support to process AVI to SWF in batches instantly;
  • Support ‘drag and drop’ function to add source video;
  • Support to preview source file;
  • Support to extract video/audio from AVI file(s) humanly;
  • Flexible setting properties of video and audio—support to set the resolution, the frame, the quality, the audio bit rate and sample rate separately.
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