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AVI to Flash Converter

Flash is the most popular format nowadays all over the world, for it is easy to control and store animations, which make Flash files more interesting to watch and play. AVI to Flash Converter is a tool that could support many kinds of video formats and help users convert AVI to Flash---AVI to SWF or AVI to FLV quickly, but also could capture selected frames and sound of the video file separately, which could be saved as SWF format or FLV format accordingly.

You could download AVI to Flash Converter here, and purchase it here.And it is so easy to convert AVI to Flash with AVI to Flash Converter. The tool button of [Add Video File(s)] is for users to add source file(s), also it is suitable to drag and drop source file(s) into the processing table directly. And to customize the flash file(s), you could use the tool button of [Options], click it , you could get its panel, where you could select the targeting file type as [.swf] or [.flv] and set the properties of flash files via clicking the related edit-boxes or radios, then use [ok] button to go back to the main interface. Then to delete the chosen source file(s), [Remove] or [Remove All] buttons are useful. And the tool button of [Preview Video] is used to preview source file(s).

Panel of adding source video
Panel of Options

To prepare the targeting folder, you could use the button of [Convert], after you click it; you could select an objective folder and click [ok] button. Along with the changing of progress bar, it is the end to convert AVI to Flash.

Interface after conversion
Key features of AVI to Flash Converter:
  • 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 2000/XP/Vista/2008/7 systems;
  • Support to convert AVI to FLV or AVI to SWF in batches during one conversion;
  • Source file could be previewed;
  • Optionally remove video or audio contents from source file(s);
  • The parameters of video or audio targeting file(s) could be set.
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