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PCL Page Counter SDK FAQ

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We have tested your PCL/PS/Spool Page Counter SDK and have a few questions:

1. What does bIsRenderToPDF do?

If you set bIsRenderToPDF to TRUE, Page Counter SDK will count Black and White pages and color pages separately. If you set bIsRenderToPDF to FALSE, Page Counter SDK will count all B/W pages and color pages as B/W pages, for example,

If you set bIsRenderToPDF to TRUE, bwPageCount and colorPageCount will return valid values, bwPageCount + colorPageCount  =  Total Pages

If you set bIsRenderToPDF to FALSE, bwPageCount will return total pages.

2. Can you provide us with a list of possible paper sizes that can be returned?

Yes, Page Counter SDK will return following paper sizes,

{"eLetterPaper", 8.5, 11},
{"Letter", 8.5, 11},
{"eLegalPaper", 8.5, 14},
{"eA4Paper", 8.3, 11.7},
{"A0", 33.11, 46.81},
{"A1", 23.39, 33.11},
{"A2", 16.54, 23.39},
{"A3", 11.6929, 16.535433},
{"A4", 8.2677, 11.6929},
{"A5", 5.83, 8.27},
{"A6", 4.13, 5.83},
{"A7", 2.91, 4.13},
{"eExecPaper", 8.5, 11},
{"eLedgerPaper", 17, 11},
{"eA3Paper", 11.7, 16.5},
{"eCOM10Envelope", 8.5, 11},
{"eMonarchEnvelope", 8.5, 11},
{"eC5Envelope", 8.5, 11},
{"eDLEnvelope", 8.5, 11},
{"eJB4Paper", 8.5, 11},
{"eJB5Paper", 8.5, 11},
{"eB5Paper", 7.17, 10.12},
{"eB5Envelope", 6.93, 9.84},
{"eJPostcard", 8.5, 11},
{"eJDoublePostcard", 8.5, 11},
{"eA5Paper", 5.83, 8.27},
{"eA6Paper", 8.5, 11},
{"eJB6Paper", 8.5, 11},
{"JIS8K", 8.5, 11},
{"JIS16K", 8.5, 11},
{"JISExec", 8.5, 11},
{"B0", 39.37, 55.67},
{"B1", 27.83, 39.37},
{"B2", 19.69, 27.83},
{"B3", 13.90, 19.69},
{"B4", 9.84, 13.90},
{"B5", 6.93, 9.84},
{"B6", 4.92, 6.93},
{"B7", 3.46, 4.92},
{"B8", 2.44, 3.46},
{"B9", 1.73, 2.44},
{"B10", 1.22, 1.73},
{"LEDGER", 17, 11},

As well as all paper sizes listed at following web page,

3. What is the expected behavior of ReadInfoFromPSFile() vs. ReadInfoFromPCLFile() given different print language file types, we have noticed that they can parse both types.

Yes, ReadInfoFromPSFile() and ReadInfoFromPCLFile() functions will support all file formats in the latest version, they will check the input file format and call correct functions automatically. So you can always call any one of these functions to parse all SPL, PS, PCL, etc. formats.

4. We have noticed that when parsing fails, the return value does not always indicate failure, instead, it is more common that a successful parsing is indicated and that 1 b/w page with paper size LETTER is returned. Do you have documentation as to when we can expect which type of behavior?

"Paper size LETTER" and "1 B/W page" are default values, if Page Counter SDK can't parse your input file format, it will return FALSE to your application. However, if you encounter a PS/PCL file that can't be parsed by Page Counter SDK, please email that file to us, we will figure out a solution to you after we checked your sample file.

5. If the input files are not named .pcl or .ps, how do you recommend we use your SDK? Should we try to parse the file headers to determine if the file is postscript or PCL before calling ReadInfoFromPSFile() or ReadInfoFromPCLFile(), or should we just always call either of these functions (as I mentioned before, they both seem to be able to parse both postscript and PCL files)

No, you needn't parse the file header by yourself, Page Counter SDK will check the file header and call correct functions automatically, you can always call ReadInfoFromPSFile() function to count the pages in PS or PCL files.

6. Do you have any information regarding how well this scales performance wise when running multiple instances on a server with multiple CPU/cores?

You can run multiple instances on a server with multiple CPU/cores to improve the performance, however, we haven't a performance report for such case at the moment.

7. Do you have any figures for expected performance/memory usage given different file types/sizes?

No, we haven't figures for such case at the moment.

8. Does Page Counter SDK support HPGL format?

The current version of Page Counter SDK doesn't support HPGL format, however, we can support HPGL format to you at additional cost, please email to us to talk the details.

9. Do you have a product to render PS (PS2, PS3), PCL (PCL5, PCL6, PCL-XL), SPL-EMF, SPL-PDF, SPL-PS, SPL-PCL, etc. formats to PDF or TIFF or JPEG or other formats?

Yes, we have lots of products to render these spool formats to PDF or raster image files, you can download these products from or directly, you can also email to us to talk the details.

10. Will Page Counter SDK able to detect how many color pages in PS or PCL or SPL-EMF files?

Yes, If you set bIsRenderToPDF to TRUE, you will able to get the count of color pages in your files.

11. Is it possible to get a set of binaries compiled for x64 platform?

Page Counter SDK contains a FileInfoCOM.exe file, this is a COM interface, it can be called from both 32bit and 64bit EXE processes, you can call it from your code like below.

strFileName = varPathCurrent & "\test_tiger.eps"

Set FileInfoCom = CreateObject("FileInfoCOM.FileInfoClass")
FileInfoCom.com_ReadInfoSetCode ("XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX")
nRet = FileInfoCom.com_ReadInfoFromPSFile(strFileName, bIsRenderToPDF, bwPageCount, colorPageCount, copyCount, nPageWidth, nPageHeight, strPaperSizeName)

strMsg = strMsg + "FileName = " + strFileName + vbCrLf
strMsg = strMsg + "bIsRenderToPDF = " + CStr(bIsRenderToPDF) + vbCrLf
strMsg = strMsg + "bwPageCount = " + CStr(bwPageCount) + vbCrLf
strMsg = strMsg + "colorPageCount = " + CStr(colorPageCount) + vbCrLf
strMsg = strMsg + "copyCount = " + CStr(copyCount) + vbCrLf
strMsg = strMsg + "PageWidth = " + CStr(nPageWidth) + vbCrLf
strMsg = strMsg + "PageHeight = " + CStr(nPageHeight) + vbCrLf
strMsg = strMsg + "PaperSizeName = " + CStr(strPaperSizeName) + vbCrLf
MsgBox strMsg
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