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VeryDOC Screen View Capturer

What is it?
VeryDOC Screen View Capturer is a powerful and intelligent Screen View Capturer to capture anything you see, do and hear on your screen when you view files, website, videos, and run program on your computer screen. You can also save what you can view and hear on a video or a flash movie. VeryDOC Screen View Capturer can run in windows systems including Windows 2000 and later systems, both 32bit and 64bit systems. VeryDOC Screen View Capturer also supports the following output format.

How to buy it?
Free download it by clicking here and you will get the 20-times free trial version. The full version has more functions than the unregistered version. If you want to buy the full version, please click here.


Easy to use VeryDOC Screen View Capturer
The interface of VeryDOC Screen View Capturer is friend to users. The usages of the tool buttons are listed on the image below. And the following will introduce the functions of the buttons on the ribbon as marked by rectangle.

The interface of VeryDOC Screen View Capturer

File ---- You can choose one of the four options on the pull-down menu to start to capture screen, pause the process, and stop capturing screen and exit the program.

Region ---- Provide three options for you to select and capture screen. You can choose to capture the whole screen, to change the region by presetting the dimension and to define the religion by dragging a rectangle.

Options ---- You can choose options to capture desktop activities only, to capture activities and record sound on computer screen simultaneously; or to display, hide or highlight the cursor. You can also preset record time by selecting options on the list and control the pan speed.

Tools ---- Add annotation. When you add annotation on screen or video, it will not interrupt the running program.

View ---- Three options for changing the size of VeryDOC Screen View Capturer interface.

Help----If you want to visit the website of VeryDOC Screen View Capturer, purchase VeryDOC Screen View Capturer and get more information about VeryDOC Screen View Capturer, you can click this button.

Main Features:
  • Record what you hear from your earphones, record the screen audio into video.
  • Records anything you see on your screen.
  • Select any portion of the screen as the region to record screen. Select the entire desktop to record.
  • Can record Video streams efficiently.
  • Select any part of the screen as the region to capture screen.
  • Capture the entire desktop to record.
  • Can be used to record thread priorities.
  • Able to hide, display and highlight the cursor of the mouse.
  • Save video in formats, including, MOV, SWF, ASF, MP4, AVI, FLV MPEG.
  • Support most Operation system: Windows 2000 and later systems, both 32bit and 64bit systems.
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