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VeryDOC Demo Creator

What is it?
VeryDOC Demo Creator is a screen recorder and Demo Creator, which can be used to record what you can see, do on the desktop and the sounds from the microphone, and then create demo in multiple formats. VeryDOC Demo Creator can create demo to record screen to introduce new software, show the features of new products, and demonstrate the method of how to use the application. VeryDOC Demo Creator Can also be used in the fields like train fresh employees, online tutorials, class representation, blog, etc.

How to buy it?
Free download it by clicking here and you will get the 20-times free trial version. The full version has more functions than the unregistered version. If you want to buy the full version, please click here.


When will you need VeryDOC Demo Creator?
You may need to use VeryDOC Demo Creator under such circumstances as:

  • When you want to record screen and create demonstration videos to show the others the usage of a software program;
  • When you plan to create a set of videos for teaching purpose on the internet;
  • When you intend to answer your most frequently asked questions;
  • When you have to create video tutorials for school or college class;
  • When you are going to attend a seminar and have to give a representation;
  • When you aims to record a recurring problem with the computer so you can show technical support people.
  • When you want to share some tips in the blog about the new tricks and techniques you found.
Main features of VeryDOC Demo Creator:
  • Easy to use ---- with only four steps, you can easily record screen and create demonstration videos.
  • Support multiple output formats ---- AVI, ASF, FLV, MOV, MP4, MPEG and SWF.
  • Fast Screen Recording---- VeryDOC Demo Creator allows you to record at very high frame rate ensuring that you get smooth screen videos.
  • Support time presetting----You can preset the time of recording screen.
  • Optional sound recording, with choices for recording quality.
  • Show flashing rectangle when screen recording or paused.
  • Provide multiple video compression choices.
  • Compatible with most Windows platforms---- Windows 2000 and later systems, both 32bit and 64bit systems.
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