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TIFF to Vector Converter

TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) is popular image format that supports various image compression methods. This image format is widely used by photographic artists or publishing industries. However, TIFF use raster format which stores image with pixels. The disadvantage of raster format is that it will lose the image quality and clarity when the image is magnified. Those image formats that use vector rebuild and display the image via the information about control points and paths. This makes that the image can be magnified with image quality retained. TIFF to Vector Converter is designed for converting TIFF to vector image with computing out the control points and paths.

TIFF to Vector Converter is free for evaluation and you can download it via this link. This application is designed for MS-DOS interface, and it is instantly runnable after unpack the package into your disk.


Press and hold “Window” button and press “R” of your keyboard, and then input “cmd” in the dialog of “Run”, and then, a MS-DOS command prompt window is opened. For easy use, you can change the default current directory of the MS-DOS command prompt window to the directory where the application is unpacked. A simple command for converting TIFF to SVG vector image is like the follow,
>Raster2Vector raster.TIFF vector.svg .


The command completes the converting “raster.TIFF” to “vector.svg”, raster to vector, TIFF to SVG. You can see the difference between the source raster TIFF image and the target vector SVG image.

serrate raster TIFF image

The first figure is the display effect of the raster TIFF image; you see that the curves are serrated when the image is magnified.

smooth vector SVG image

The next figure shows the effect of the vector SVG image, you see that the curves can remain smooth and clear when the image is magnified.

This application is designed for MS-DOC command line use, and you can run it via a batch script on a server. The application also provides a developer license with which you can redistribute the application in your developed software. You can buy a server license here or a server license here.

Features of TIFF to Vector Converter:
  • Support Microsoft Windows 2000 and later systems of both 32 and 64-bit.
  • Set printing options – It supports to set the width, height, paper size, resolution and page margin of a converted vector image.
  • Rotate images – it offers an option to rotate the page of a converted vector image.
  • Set line color and fill color – it can set the line color and fill color of a converted vector image.
  • Suppress speckle – It can suppress speckles of the source raster image in the converted vector image.
  • Inverse color – it can inverse the color of the source image in conversion from raster to vector.
  • Alternative algorithm – it provides an alternative algorithm for some specific situations in which the default algorithm does not work perfectly.
  • Multiple source formats – besides tiff, it supports raster image formats of pdf, jpg, gif, png, tga, pcx, pnm (pbm, pgm, ppm), and bmp.
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