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Convert Raster to Vector and Change Color

Many images are stored in raster format, such as bitmap (BMP). These raster images cannot afford high magnification in viewing. To make a raster image have a high resolution at magnification level, you have to use more bits (pixels) and increase the file size dramatically. Vector image format has an advantage that it can store images with a proper file size and maintain the image quality at high magnification level. Raster to Vector Converter Command Line is a multifunction application that converts raster images to vector images. It also supports to change the color of the image after the conversion.

To try the application, please download the package containing the application here. Then unpack the package into any directory as you wish. This application is developed for using in MS-DOS command line prompt window mode. You have to open a MS-DOS command prompt window in your MS Windows operating system. Press “Window + R” combination key on your keyboard, type “cmd” in the popup “Run” dialog and press “Enter”. Now you have opened a MS-DOS command prompt window. Change the current directory of the MS-DOS prompt window to the directory of Raster to Vector Converter, and you can easily use the converter with much shorter commands.


A basic usage of the application is using the command as follow,
Raster2Vector test.bmp test.pdf .
This converts the raster image “test.bmp” and saves the converted vector image in “test.pdf”.


The application supports option “-linecolor ” where “” is the arguments in format “#RRGGBB” that is a hexadecimal value of a color. For example, “-linecolor #0000FF” will set the line color to #0000FF (blue). You can set the fill color with option “-fillcolor ” where “” is the same as that of option “-linecolor”. Here is an example command line for converting a raster bmp image to vector pdf file and setting the line color to blue (#0000FF) and the fill color to red (#FF0000),
Raster2Vector test.bmp test.pdf -linecolor #0000ff -fillcolor #ff0000 .


The first picture is the source raster bmp image, and you can see that the color is black and it will have serrations when being magnified.

raster image in black color

The next figure is a snapshot of the converted vector pdf file. The vector image in the pdf file exactly retains the shape and lines of the original bmp image. You see that the lines are set to blue and closed fields are filled by red color.

Vector pdf file with blue line and red fill

This application is mainly for server owners and software developers. You can buy a server license to run the application on your server computer. If you want to redistribute the application in your developed software, please buy a developer license here.

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