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TIFF to Text OCR Converter

If there are many valuable characters in a TIFF image file and you want to edit or modify them freely, it is a good idea to convert TIFF to Text document. TIFF to Text OCR Converter is an excellent OCR assistant to help you.

TIFF to Text OCR Converter is developed to convert TIFF to Text via command line operations. This application is free for evaluation, and you can download it via this link. You should buy the registration key for sever license or developer license for obtaining the full functions of the application. This application is instantly workable after unzipping it into the hard disk.


Before launching the application, you should open cmd dialog box. Please click "Start" and click "Run" in start menu. In popup "Run" dialog box you should input "cmd" and click "OK" button. Then you can see the cmd dialog box comes out, in which you can input the whole command line to convert TIFF to Text.


A command line template is as follows:
pdf2txtocr.exe –ocr C:\in.tif C:\out.txt

According to this template, you can input the command line yourself in cmd dialog box. There is an example command line in Figure1.

Command line for converting TIFF to Text

"C:\Documents and Settings\admin\My Documents\Downloads\pdf2txtocrcmd\pdf2txtocr.exe" -ocr "C:\Documents and Settings\admin\Desktop\demo\ocr\ 1.TIF" 01.text


  • "C:\Documents and Settings\admin\My Documents\Downloads\pdf2txtocrcmd\pdf2txtocr.exe" is the path of the executable file--pdf2txtocr which is the core in TIFF to Text OCR Converter.
  • –ocr means the application is going to call OCR technology in the conversion process.
  • "C:\Documents and Settings\admin\Desktop\demo\ocr\ 1.TIF" is the path of original TIFF image file.
  • 01.text is the name of target Text document.

Please see the comparison of original file and new Text document in Figure2.

Comparison of original and new file

Features of TIFF to Text OCR Converter:

  • Support all versions of Windows systems.
  • Convert scanned image files to plain Text files including TIFF, JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, PCX, TGA, JP2, PNM and MNG.
  • Convert scanned PDF files to text files.
  • Convert text based PDF files to plain text files.
  • Support English, French, German, Italian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, etc.
  • Able to convert color PDF files and color image files to plain Text files.
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