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Why Should I Convert a PowerPoint Presentation into a Flash File?

Here is a detailed list of the key advantages for converting a PowerPoint presentation into a Flash file. No matter what your final goal is, a Flash-based presentation goes a long way in making your content easily accessible and distributable.

1) Greater Accessibility
Once converted to Flash, anyone can easily view a PowerPoint presentation in any Internet browser. Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape, Safari, Opera, and others. As more than 98% of all browsers have the Flash plug-in installed. You aren't required to install any special software or tell your audience to do the same.

2) Compatibility
Everyone who has a computer including those on Macs, Linux, Solaris, HP, SGI workstations, PDAs (PocketPCs/Windows Mobile and PalmOS), and handheld devices (with an integrated Flash player) can watch your PowerPoint in Flash. There's no limit in terms of devices or computer operating systems.

3) Reduced Files Size
A PowerPoint presentation converted to Flash can drastically reduce the size up to 1/10th of the original file size.

4) Sound Integration
Flash files can also integrate audio tracks, including music and voice-overs.

5) Display Resolution
Flash files can be played at virtually any resolution and/or screen size, making this file format an ideal way to distribute presentations across many display devices.

6) Internet Distribution
Distributing PowerPoint files on the Internet for other people to see is easier said than done. Not everyone has PowerPoint installed on his PC. But once you upload a Flash file to any server, forum and discussion group, anyone can watch it.

7) Streaming
Flash files use streaming technology that allows online viewers to start watching the presentation without waiting for the entire presentation to download before playback begins.

8) Basic Interaction Controls
Flash files contain optional embedded controls that let the end user control playback, stop and rewind the presentation.

9) More Distribution Options
Flash, for the reasons previously listed, is also an ideal format for distributing PowerPoint presentations on CD-ROMs. It allows multi-platform compatibility while providing a lean and fast performing file. It can also integrate audio and video while displayed on different displays and resolutions.

10) Email-Ready
Even if you want to send a PowerPoint file to someone by email, converting it to Flash may be a better option. The file size is smaller, and it doesn't clog your recipient's inbox. You also retain all of your transitions, animations and effects, while ensuring that the recipient can see the file without loading other software (for example, PowerPoint Viewer, which is 2.7 MB).

11) Secure
Others can edit PowerPoint files if they have PowerPoint installed on their machine. This is not the case for Flash files. However, they allow you to maintain more control over your content, if needed.

12) Firewall Friendliness
Flash-based content has no problem going through firewalls because it's like standard Web content.


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