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Transitions in PPT2Flash

Slides Transitions Supported in VeryDOC PowerPoint to Flash Converter product.
Blinds Horizontal Shape Plus
Blinds Vertical Split Horizontal In
Box In Split Horizontal Out
Box Out Split Vertical In
Checkerboard Across Split Vertical Out
Checkerboard Down Strips Left-Down
Cmob Horizontal Strips Left-Up
Cmob Vertical Strips Right-Down
Cover Down Strips Right-Up
Cover Left Uncover Down
Cover Right Uncover Left
Cover Up Uncover Right
Cover Left-Down Uncover Up
Cover Left-Up Uncover Left-Down
Cover Right-Down
Uncover Left-Up
Cover Right-Up Uncover Right-Down
Cut Uncover Right-Up
Cut Through Black Wedge
Dissolve Wheel Clockwise, 1 Spoke
Fade Smoothly Wheel Clockwise, 2 Spokes
Fade Through Black Wheel Clockwise, 3 Spokes
Newsflash Wheel Clockwise, 4 Spokes
Push Down Wheel Clockwise, 8 Spokes
Push Left Wipe Down
Push Right Wipe Left
Push Up Wipe Right
Random Bars Horizontal Wipe Up
Random Bars Vertical Random
Shape Circle     Shape Diamond
For the animation effects, please click here.

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