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VeryDOC PowerPoint Converter Help

VeryDOC PowerPoint Converter is a powerful PowerPoint conversion product. It allows you to convert PowerPoint files to a number of different formats, such as TIF, TIFF, JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, etc. raster formats. It also allows you to convert PowerPoint files to Flash (SWF), PDF, PS (postscript), WMF, EMF, MHTML, HTML, RTF, etc. vector formats.

VeryDOC PowerPoint Converter supports both GUI and Command Line operations, VeryDOC PowerPoint Converter command line application can be called from within VB, VC, Delphi, BCB, Java, .NET and COM+ etc. program languages. The software can be run using the handy interface or in batch mode to convert large volumes of PowerPoint files in real-time. This converter is available via an easily integrated Command Line application, enabling developers to access the converter via any programming or scripting languages, such as Visual Basic, C/C++, Delphi, C#, .NET, etc. Using the Command Line operation, file conversions can be done consecutively.
Key Features:
1. Convert PowerPoint to Flash format
Accurate Conversion
Support 170+ PowerPoint 2003 animation effects
All PowerPoint 2003 slide transition effects
Support sounds for animation effects, support WAV, MP3, etc. formats
Support sounds for slide transitions, support WAV, MP3, etc. formats
Support vector shapes
Conversion of presentation to a solid Flash movie, convert all slides into one SWF file
Generate separate SWF files for each slide, each slide can be exported as an individual SWF file
Customizable width, height and frame rate
Batch conversion, PowerPoint to Flash Converter is a stand-alone application, you can batch convert lots of PowerPoint files to Flash files at one time
Slide navigation control with a mouse and a keyboard
Enable or disable animations and transitions during conversion
Advance slides manually or automatically
Support 170+ animations in PowerPoint
Retain slide timing and sound effects
Retain headers and footers
Retain superscript and subscript
Retain action buttons and hyperlinks
Support .gif cliparts
Looped Flash presentation playback
Flash movie frame rate control
Support special symbols in original PowerPoint file
Show or hide loading bar and control bar
Support Command Line operation
2. Convert PowerPoint to PDF, PS (postscript) formats
Standalone software, Adobe Acrobat and Reader NOT required!
Don't depend on any Printer Driver products
Password protection for PDF file with 40 or 128 bit encryption
Create "owner password" and "user password" protected PDF file
Support add printing, copying and changing permissions to PDF file
Automatically open PDF file after creation
Set the document title, subject, author and keywords options to PDF file
Smallest PDF file size within conversion
Use command line versions in batch and unattended operations
Compatibility modes for Acrobat 4.x and Acrobat 5.x or higher
Support Command Line operation
3. Convert PowerPoint to GIF, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, WMF, EMF, MHTML, HTML, RTF etc. formats
Control the Resolution, Width, Height for raster formats
Create raster and vector formats quickly and accurately
Support Command Line operation
System Requirement:
Operating system: Windows 2000/XP/2003
Microsoft PowerPoint 2000/XP/2003
Adobe Flash Player 8.0
128MB RAM (256MB Recommended)
1. Registration Dialog

Registration dialog for PowerPoint to Flash, SWF, PDF, Adobe PDF, PS, Postscript, TIFF, BMP, WMF, EMF, PNG, GIF formats.

The demo version of VeryDOC PowerPoint Converter does add a watermark into the created Flash, PDF, and PS files. After you are convinced that the program fits your needs, you are strongly encouraged to purchase and register your copy of the software by acquiring a personal unlock key.
In your evaluate period, you may click "Try" button to try this software.
2. Main Dialog of PowerPoint Converter

Main interface for PowerPoint to Flash, SWF, PDF, Adobe PDF, PS, Postscript, TIFF, BMP, WMF, EMF, PNG, GIF formats.

Output Format: Flash SWF, Acrobat PDF, Postscript, MHTML, HTML, GIF, JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, WMF, EMF, RTF.
PPT Slide Properties:
   Move Width: Set width to Flash file, default is 720.
   Move Height: Set height to Flash file, default is 540.
   Flash frame Rate: Select a FPS speed at which your slides will be played after conversion. For example, if you select 12fps, the Flash file will be played at 12 frames per second.
   Add a delay between slides: Check this option if the final playback speed of the converted swf file(s) is too fast and if there is no delay between the slides in the original PPT file.
   Trigger animation by mouse: Check this option if you want each animation to appear on a mouse click and disappear on the next mouse click.
   Enable special symbols: Enable or disable special symbols during PowerPoint to Flash conversion.
   Enable animations: Check this option, all the animations and transitions in your PowerPoint files will be kept after conversion. Uncheck this option, your PowerPoint slides will be showed in static without motion effects.
Flash Playback Properties:
   Loop presentation: Check this option if you want to loop your presentation automatically.
   Show loading bar: Show or hide loading bar when in SWF file.
   Show control bar: Show or hide control bar in SWF file.
View after conversion: View created files automatically.
Add PPT File(s): Add PowerPoint files into file list for conversion purpose.
Remove: Remove selected PowerPoint files from file list.
Remove All: Remove all PowerPoint files from file list.
Convert: Begin convert PowerPoint files.
Register: Register VeryDOC PowerPoint Converter software.
3. Select different output formats from list

PowerPoint to Adobe PDF, Acrobat PDF Converter

4. Set document summary information to Acrobat PDF files

PowerPoint to Adobe PDF, Acrobat PDF Converter, PPT to Flash, PPT to SWF

5. Set permission settings to Acrobat PDF files

PPT to Flash, convert PPT to Flash, Convert powerpoint to swf

Encrypt PDF file: Check this option if you wish add permission to PDF files.
Specify Password: To set the user password and master password according your need. With user password, you can only open the document, and master password ( also called owner password) to change permission and passwords.
Encryption Level: Choose 40-bit or 128-bit according to the version of Acrobat software. 40 and 128 are the length of the encryption key in bits.
Permission: To set the usage restriction to those who have user password.
   No Printing: You can read the document but not allowed to print it.
   No Changing the Document: You can read the file without permission to edit it.
   No Content Copying or Extraction: Not allowed to select a block of the file to copy to the clipboard.
   No Adding or Changing Form fields: Not allowed to modify forms in the file.
Command Line options:
VeryDOC PPT Converter v2.1
Build Date: Feb 21 2007
Convert *.PPT files to SWF, PDF, PS, EMF, WMF, MHTML, HTML, RTF, TIFF, BMP, GIF,
 JPG, PNG, etc. files
Usage: pptconv [options] <PPT-file> [<Output-file>]
  -width <int>         : Set page width to SWF/PDF/PS file
  -height <int>        : Set page height to SWF/PDF/PS file
  -swfrate <int>       : Set frame rate to SWF file
  -swfanmi <int>       : Enable/disable animation in SWF file
  -swfdelay <int>      : Enable/disable delay between slides in SWF file
  -swfmouse <int>      : Enable/disable trigger by mouse in SWF file
  -swfsymbol <int>     : Enable/disable special characters in SWF file
  -swfloop <int>       : Enable/disable loop SWF file
  -swfloadbar <int>    : Enable/disable loading bar SWF file
  -swfctrolbar <int>   : Enable/disable control bar SWF file
  -rotate <int>        : Rotate pages, 90, 180, 270
  -margin <string>     : Set page margin to PDF file
        -margin 10          : Set margin to 10pt to left
        -margin 10x10       : Set margin to 10pt to left,top
        -margin 10x10x10    : Set margin to 10pt to left,top,right
        -margin 10x10x10x10 : Set margin to 10pt to left,top,right,bottom
  -subject <string>    : Set 'subject' to PDF file
  -title <string>      : Set 'title' to PDF file
  -author <string>     : Set 'author' to PDF file
  -keywords <string>   : Set 'keywords' to PDF file
  -openpwd <string>    : Set 'open password' to PDF file
  -ownerpwd <string>   : Set 'owner password' to PDF file
  -keylen <int>        : Key length (40 or 128 bit)
        -keylen 0:  40 bit RC4 encryption (Acrobat 3 or higher)
        -keylen 1: 128 bit RC4 encryption (Acrobat 5 or higher)
        -keylen 2: 128 bit RC4 encryption (Acrobat 6 or higher)
  -encryption <int>    : Restrictions
        -encryption    0: Encrypt the file only
        -encryption 3900: Deny anything
        -encryption    4: Deny printing
        -encryption    8: Deny modification of contents
        -encryption   16: Deny copying of contents
        -encryption   32: No commenting
        ===128 bit encryption only -> ignored if 40 bit encryption is used
        -encryption  256: Deny FillInFormFields
        -encryption  512: Deny ExtractObj
        -encryption 1024: Deny Assemble
        -encryption 2048: Disable high res. printing
        -encryption 4096: Do not encrypt metadata
  -unicode             : Enable Unicode conversion
  -rclbounds           : Use rclBounds instead of rclFrame
  -bookmark <int>      : Create bookmark to PDF file
        -bookmark 1: Use short filename as bookmarks
        -bookmark 2: Use full filename as bookmarks
        -bookmark 3: Use short filename without suffix as bookmarks
  -nocenter            : Don't center the contents in the PDF file
  -view                : View created file automatically
  -v                   : Print copyright and version info
  -h                   : Print usage information
  -help                : Print usage information
  --help               : Print usage information
  -?                   : Print usage information
  -$ <string>          : Input registration key
Convert PPT file to SWF file:
   pptconv.exe C:\in.ppt C:\out.swf
   pptconv.exe C:\in.ppt C:\out.swf -width 640 -height 480 -swfrate 24
   pptconv.exe C:\in.ppt C:\out.swf -swfanmi 0 -swfdelay 1 -swfmouse 1
   pptconv.exe C:\in.ppt C:\out.swf -swfsymbol 0
   pptconv.exe C:\in.ppt C:\out.swf -swfloop 0
   pptconv.exe C:\in.ppt C:\out.swf -swfloadbar 0
   pptconv.exe C:\in.ppt C:\out.swf -swfctrolbar 0

Convert PPT file to PDF/PS file:
   pptconv.exe C:\in.ppt C:\out.pdf
   pptconv.exe C:\in.ppt C:\out.pdf -rotate 90
   pptconv.exe C:\in.ppt C:\out.pdf -subject "subject"
   pptconv.exe C:\in.ppt C:\out.pdf -ownerpwd "123" -keylen 2 -encryption 3900
   pptconv.exe C:\in.ppt C:\out.pdf -bookmark 3
   pptconv.exe C:\in.ppt C:\

Convert PPT file to other formats:
   pptconv.exe C:\in.ppt C:\out.mht
   pptconv.exe C:\in.ppt C:\out.mhtml
   pptconv.exe C:\in.ppt C:\out.html
   pptconv.exe C:\in.ppt C:\out.gif
   pptconv.exe C:\in.ppt C:\out.jpg
   pptconv.exe C:\in.ppt C:\out.png
   pptconv.exe C:\in.ppt C:\out.tif
   pptconv.exe C:\in.ppt C:\out.bmp
   pptconv.exe C:\in.ppt C:\out.wmf
   pptconv.exe C:\in.ppt C:\out.emf
   pptconv.exe C:\in.ppt C:\out.rtf


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