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JBIG2 PDF Compressor

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JBIG2 provides the best compression solution to compress B/W image files today. For example, a scanned document at 300dpi, the TIFF is roughly 75 KB - 125 KB bytes per image, with the JBIG2 compression, the file is in the range of 10 KB - 15KB bytes per image.

JBIG2 is a format for bi-level (black/white) image compression that offers significant advantages over other compression formats:
  • large increases in compression performance (typically 3-5 times smaller than Group 4/MMR, 2-4 times smaller than JBIG1)
  • special compression methods for text, halftones, and other binary image content
  • lossy and lossless compression
  • multi-page document compression
  • flexible format, designed for easy embedding in other image file formats, such as TIFF
  • high-performance decompression: using some coding modes, images can be decompressed at over 250 million pixels/second in software

Wikipedia article related to JBIG2 compression.

This JBIG2 technology is available within the following product:

PDF Compressor Command Line
PDF Compressor SDK

PDF Compressor product is able to enhance PDF compression using the JBIG2Decode filter instead of CCITTFaxDecode, it is support lossless compression.

Please refer to the following command-line examples:

1. Use following command line to re-compress your PDF file with JBIG2 compression,

pdfcompressor.exe -jbig2 test-bw.pdf _test-bw_jbig2_1.pdf

2. If your PDF file contains both color images and B/W images, you can add -jpx parameter to compress color images with JPEG2000 compression,

pdfcompressor.exe -jbig2 -jpx test-bw.pdf _test-bw_jbig2_1.pdf

3. Compress all of your PDF files in D:\temp folder and sub-folders (recursion),

for /r D:\temp %F in (*.pdf) do pdfcompressor.exe -jbig2 -jpx "%F" "%~dpnF_jbig2.pdf"

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