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SWF to FLV Converter

SWF to FLV Converter has been designed with user-friendly interface and practical functions, which could help users convert swf to flv, avi, mov, mp4 or mov etc. so that the targeting files could be used in some mobile devices or for online sharing. SWF to FLV Converter will bring you the most exciting experience of enjoying flash files anywhere and anytime with the Batch conversion and the related properties.

SWF to FLV Converter is not only just one single tool, but also a multi-functional converter, which is to adequate different requirements: single-user personal license, single-user commercial license, multi-user personal license, multi-user commercial license, click the links above separately, the licenses above could be purchased with different payments.
To experience this dreaming converter, please feel free to download it from here right now! Below are the steps to convert swf to flv with SWF to FLV Converter:

  • Click [Add SWF File(s)] tool button>select swf file(s)>click [open] button to add swf file(s), and then the path(s) of swf file(s) could be shown in the processing table, which can also be used for adding swf file(s) by the way of clicking the right button of mouse and select[Add Flash files]>click [open] button, however, the easiest way to add swf file(s) is to drag and drop swf file(s) directly into the processing table
  • Click the related path of different swf file to preview swf file on the preview panel automatically, which could also be used to adjust the preview screen with the right button of mouse
Interface of SWF to FLV Converter
  • Select the targeting file type and set the options of flv file(s) with the button of [Options], and the option panel could be opened, where [Reset] button could be used for one key reset and the size of flv file(s) could be adjusted flexibly, click [ok] button to jump back to the main interface
 Panel of options
  • At last, click the button of [Convert] to realize the conversion of swf to flv, which also could be used to save flv file(s). The tool buttons of [Remove] and [Remove All] could be used for removing the path(s) of swf file(s) singly and in batches separately
 Interface after the conversion from swf to flv
Key features of SWF to FLV Converter:
  • All of windows platform—with flash plug-in, SWF to FLV Converter could run in 32-bit and 64-bit windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/2008/7 systems
  • Convert flash to flv--swf to flv in batches during one process
  • Preview swf file(s) and adjust the preview screen flexibly
  • Support one key reset of properties
  • Support setting the width and height of flv file(s) flexibly
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