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EMF to Vector Converter

EMF to Vector Converter does convert EMF to Postscript format, it is a best EMF to Postscript Converter!
Enhanced MetaFile (EMF)
The Enhanced MetaFile (EMF) format is an extension of the Windows metafiles format developed for use with 32 bit Windows applications. It is only available to native 32 bit applications.

Supplementary specifications for metafiles saved as enhanced metafiles are stored in the ENHMETAHEADER structure at the beginning of the metafile. Applications can retrieve this information using the GetEnhMetaFileHeader function. The metric size of the metafile, an important piece of information, is stored in this header in addition to a file description in 0.01 millimeter units.

EMF (Enhanced MetaFile) and raw are terms for spool file formats used in printing by the Windows operating system. When a print job is sent to the printer, if it is already printing another file, the computer reads the new file and stores it, usually on the hard disk or in memory, for printing at a later time. Spooling allows multiple print jobs to be given to the printer at one time.

The EMF format is the 32-bit version of the original Windows metafile (WMF) format. The EMF format was created to solve the deficiencies of the WMF format in printing graphics from sophisticated graphics programs. The EMF format is device-independent. This means that the dimensions of a graphic are maintained on the printed copy regardless of the resolution in dots per inch of the printer. In a network, the smaller file size of the EMF format reduces network traffic. EMF is the spool file used by the Windows operating system.

A raw spool file is a one that is sent to the Windows spooler unprocessed (which is why it's called "raw"). The raw file is used to send Postscript commands to a Postscript printer. The Postscript commands are understood by the printer, but are just plain data to the Windows spooler. The raw format is device-dependent and slower. If printing problems occur while using the EMF format, they can sometimes be fixed by simply changing the format to "raw" in the printer Properties.
PostScript (PS)
PostScript is a programming language optimized for printing graphics and text (whether on paper, film, or CRT is immaterial). In the jargon of the day, it is a page description language. It was introduced by Adobe in 1985 and first (to my knowledge) appeared in the Apple LaserWriter. The main purpose of PostScript was to provide a convenient language in which to describe images in a device independent manner. This device independence means that the image is described without reference to any specific device features (e.g. printer resolution) so that the same description could be used on any PostScript printer (say, a LaserWriter or a Linotron) without modification. In practice, some PostScript files do make assumptions about the target device (such as its resolution or the number of paper trays it has), but this is bad practice and limits portability.
EMF to Postscript Converter (EMF2Postscript) converts enhanced metafiles (EMF) and Windows metafiles (WMF) to PDF, WMF, EMF, PS (Postscript), EPS, SVG, SWF, XPS, HPGL, PCL etc. vector formats while preserving the vector and text information. EMF to Vector Converter is can also convert EMF and WMF files to raster image formats, such as BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TGA, PCX, PNM, RAS, PBM, TIFF  etc.

EMF to Postscript Converter (EMF2Postscript) can be used to batch convert from EMF and WMF files to other formats. The software can be run using the handy interface or in batch mode to convert large volumes of EMF and WMF files in real-time. EMF to Vector Converter is available via an easily integrated COM object (or DLL Library, or Command Line), enabling developers to access the converter via any programming or scripting languages, such as Visual Basic, C/C++, Delphi, ASP, PHP, C#, .NET, etc. Using the COM object (or DLL Library, or Command Line), file conversions can be done consecutively or simultaneously.
EMF to Postscript Converter converts EMF and WMF files into following formats:
Output Vector formats:
PDF Adobe Acrobat PDF format
PS Postscript format
EPS Adobe Encapsulated PostScript
WMF Windows Metafile
EMF Microsoft Enhanced Metafile (32-bit)
SVG Scalable Vector Graphics
SWF Macromedia Flash File Format
XPS Microsoft XML Paper Specification
HPGL HP-GL plotter language
PCL HP Page Control Language, Printer Command Language Format (PCL)
Output Raster image formats:
JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group JFIF format
TIFF Tagged Image File Format
BMP Microsoft Windows bitmap
GIF CompuServe Graphics Interchange Format
PNG Portable Network Graphics
PCX ZSoft IBM PC Paintbrush file
TGA Truevision Targa image
PNM Portable anymap
RAS SUN Raster Format
PBM Portable bitmap format (black and white)
...... More Formats
EMF to Postscript Converter (EMF2Postscript) converts EMF and WMF files to any of the industry-standard formats listed above. As native vector graphics, you gain tremendous advantages when importing them into your publishing system.
Product Name Number of Licenses Price per License Download Purchase

EMF to Vector Converter Command Line Server License

1 Server License USD$295
EMF to Vector Converter Command Line Developer License 1 Developer License USD$1995
One Year Gold Support 1 Year USD$1200  
Server License: Licensed by per Production Server, easily to be called from ASP/PHP/C#/.NET/... etc. server side applications.
Developer License: Licensed by per Developer, Royalty Free Runtime Desktop Distribution, can be run on any number of servers/computers.
Please read the full licensing agreement for more information.
Example Files:
EMF to Postscript Converter EMF to Postscript Converter Convert EMF to Postscript EMF to Postscript Converter Convert EMF to Postscript
Original EMF file GIF file Flash file (SWF) Microsoft XPS file SVG file
Key Features:
 Standalone software, Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader NOT required!
Support English, French, German, Italian, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Czech, Danish,
Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, etc. languages
 Converted graphics files can be easily and directly imported into target applications
 Useful for CAD architecture, business diagrams, GIS cartography maps, charts and graphs, scientific plots, vector artwork etc. fields
 Convert embed fonts to Polylines into the vector graphics formats
 Convert EMF and WMF files to various vector graphics and raster image formats
 Integrate high-volume batch conversion into your server-based application or workflow
 Specify width, height, X resolution, Y resolution, color depth, rotation options to convert EMF and WMF files to image formats
 Support unicode characters while convert EMF and WMF to other formats
 Support Win98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista platforms
 Support WinXP 32/64 bit and Win Vista 32/64 bit systems
 View created files automatically
Features for EMF and WMF to PDF Conversion:
 Convert EMF & WMF to PDF directly, don't depend on any Printer Driver products
 Smallest PDF file size within conversion
 In the case of batch conversion, several document files can be merged to create a single PDF file, or each document file be converted into a PDF file
 Password protection for PDF files with 40 or 128 bit encryption
 Create "owner password" and "user password" protected PDF file
 Set the document title, subject, author and keywords options
 Support wildcard character, for example: *.emf, *.wmf etc
 Use command line in batch and unattended operations
 Produced PDF documents are fully text searchable in Adobe Reader
 Can be used by Web-based applications to convert WMF and EMF files to PDF dynamically at real time
 Merge multiple PDF files into a PDF file
 Merge from text file, a text file which contains file names to be merged, one file name per line
 Append or insert EMF and WMF to an existing PDF file
 Burst a multi-page PDF file into single page PDF files, one file per page
 Insert bookmarks into PDF file
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