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Update note of VeryDOC DOC to Any Converter Command Line

VeryDOC DOC to Any Converter Command Line v3.5 Release Notes. Convert Word to PDF without Office and OpenOffice.
Added -useopenoffice and -watermarkfile parameters.

[New feature] -runviaservice : Pass conversion job to docPrint_Service.exe and wait until it is finished completely

[Bug fixed] Cannot find the path of OpenOffice in a few systems.

The parameter runviaservice is often used in following two situations:

Situation 1

When you call doc2any.exe to convert DOC or other formats to PDF document in ASP, ASP.NET and C#, etc. programming language, you don't have the way to run MS Office inside an interactive user account. So please manually run docPrint_Service.exe in doc2any_service at first, then you will see a book shape icon appears in the informing area in lower right corner. Please call the following commands from ASP, ASP.NET and C#:

D:\VeryPDF\doc2any.exe -runviaservice "D:\test.docx" "D:\test.pdf"

You will see the book shape icon start to rotate. Please wait for about five seconds (according to the size, page number, etc. of converted file) until the conversion is completed and the process doc2any.exe will always last until the conversion is over.

Situation 2

When your application accepts multiple conversion requirements, which means that you need to convert many Office documents at one time and in order to save system resources (controlling CPU memory), you may want to use a queue to control the conversion tasks, now the parameter –runviaservice will play its role. The principle of this parameter is to establish a queue which obeys first-in and first-out in memory. Any conversion requirements will be sent to docPrint_Service.exe process which will call doc2any.exe to convert one by one in order.

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