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Introduce to VeryDOC PowerPoint Converter product

PPT Converter

How Comes the PPT Converting Needs?

Microsoft Powerpoint is a most common file format we use in our daily life. In general introduction, trainings and even solutions, we find that people are more and more likely to express their thoughts, what their plans are, how to put into practice, why their ideas are persuasive by designing and explaining ppts.

Occasionally in some commercial situations, ppt designers might face some trouble which make them bothered. PPT designers intend to push their ideas on while at the same time they unwillingly term with sharing their achievements by other people’s copy and paste. They appeal for IPR protection for Creative Industries so urgely. Just as what they always scream, “Oh, no! Who can save me from crazy plagiarism? ”

General Introduction to VeryDOC PowerPoint Converter (Trial Version)

Now you got a new way to solve all of those problems. VeryDOC PowerPoint Converter can help you convert ppts into other formats which are unable to make any changes.

First, let’s look at the basic software interface.


Simple Function Description

1. PPT File Area

Click the button “Add PPT File(s)” .


Select the ppt file you want to convert and click the button “Open”.


What you’ve selected are listed in the blank area on the left.

2. Output Format

1) Select the format you want your ppt converted into in the dropdown menu on the top right.

2) Usually the second choice “Acrobat PDF” is the one professors most commonly use, owing to its two typical advantages, smaller and easier.

3) Adjust the scale by adding or subtracting the height and the width in the two statistic checkboxes right below the subtitle “PPT Slide Properties” in the middle of the whole interface.

4) Adjust the playing speed by adding or subtracting the value in the checkbox followed by the label “frames/second”.

5) Select the option “Enable Slide Transition” if your ppt needs a gradual transition between each page when in slide mode.

6) Select the option “Enable Transition Effect” to avoid any stuttering.

7) Select the option “Integrate master slide into each slide” when you want to remain the structure and relations.

8) In PDF format, the option “Add a delay between slides”, “Active animation by Mouse-click” and “Enable special symbols” are greyed out.

3. Flash Playback Properties

1) Select the option “Loop presentation” if you want your ppt played back.

2) Select the option “Show loading bar” if you want show a loading bar during Flash loading.

3) Select the option “Show control bar” if you want show control bar during playing.

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doc to any converter

How to use DOC to Any Converter?

DOC to Any Converter is a Command Line application, you need run it in CMD window, please by following steps to run DOC to Any Converter to convert Word document to PDF file,

Step 1: The Run command line might be one of the minimum used features inside the Start menu. It is the quickest method to run applications or to open folders and documents. The following screenshot is show the Start-Run entry for Windows XP. Windows Vista/7 don't show the Run Command Line on the Start menu in the default, but you can launch Run Command Line Window by pressing the keyboard combination Windows key + R.


Step 2: Clicking the menu item "Run" opens the dialog box shown below, where commands may be typed and entered.


Step 3: Please enter “cmd” and press Enter,


you will see following DOS Command Line window,


On the Vista/7 systems, you need launch CMD window by Administrator privilege, please refer to following steps,

1. Type cmd in the Start Search textbox, but don’t press Enter,

2. Right-click cmd.exe from the Programs search results at the top.

3. Select Run as administrator from the menu and run cmd.exe with administrator privilege,


4. Click the Continue button on the User Account Control dialog that appears.

A window will appear similar to the Command Prompt one above except the title bar will display Administrator Command Prompt rather than C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe.

Step 4: Download DOC to Any package from following URL,


unzip it to a folder, such as C:\test folder, you will find following files,


Step 5: You can run following command line to convert your Word DOC file to PDF file,

C:\test>doc2any.exe example.doc out.pdf


if your system hasn’t MS Office installed, doc2any.exe will show “Please install MS Office product in order to convert MS Office documents!!!” warning message, however, because doc2any.exe has technology to render the Word DOC document, so it can convert your Word DOC file to PDF file continue.

After a few seconds, the output PDF file will be created.

DOC to Any Converter is a command line application, you can also call it from a script or PHP or ASP or C# etc. program languages, please look at a simple C# example source code at below,

Process p= new Process();
p.StartInfo.WorkingDirectory = @"C:\";
p.StartInfo.FileName = @"C:\test\doc2any.exe";
p.StartInfo.Arguments = @"C:\test\verypdf.doc C:\test\out.pdf"
p.StartInfo.CreateNoWindow = true;


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pdf margin crop

Info PDFCropper

Our situation:
We use AutoCAD in our department (25people), we are software engineers.
This also means that we mostly have to use other sizes then A0 A1 etc.
In the past we plotted to PLT-files and they were converted to PDF-files. (with the inked area) Now we want to start working with the “DWG to PDF” option.
But this means that we must get an solution for the many sizes.

With your tool it seems possible to plot in AutoCAD on a 4000mmx894mm size and use pdfcropper to get the inked area.
It is the intention to finish the plot command with pdfcropper though the command line.

So 2 question
1. Which solution is the best for us (server /pc)?
2. I read that the conversion of a directories is seconds, but on my PC it for each document seconds?

>>1. Which solution is the best for us (server /pc)?

I think the PC side software will work better for you, because you can run "VeryDOC PDF Crop White Margin" on PC side to crop the margins in batch, "VeryDOC PDF Crop White Margin" can be downloaded from following web page,


>>2. I read that the conversion of a directories is seconds, but on my
>>PC it for each document seconds?

The process speed is depend on how complexity of your input DWG or PDF file, if your DWG or PDF file contains too many complex contents, the process will take more time, this is normal.


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postscript to pdf converter

After convert postscript file to PDF file, why I can NOT convert PDF file to text file?

Dear sir/madam

I want to purchase the VeryDOC PS2PDF SDK but I have a problem.

The purpose I need to convert the PS to PDF is to search for texts in the file I already have another SDK for this operation that I purchased from another company.

My problem is that when I did the test on the evaluation DLL  without the license code I got the warning "this file was created using verypdf…." On the PDF I don't care about the text added, but when I read the other texts from the PDF I don't receive anything, its like the warning you add goes on top of all other texts and I can search for the original texts in the PDF.

Is there a temporary license code you can send me for the DLL that will do the conversion for a limited amount of time so I can test functionality of text searching in the PDF after conversion and then if it is working then I will purchase the SDK

Please replay quickly, it is quite urgent as I am testing other PS2PDF SDK tools simultaneously.
Thanks for your message, is your PS file contain Type3 or custom-build encoding fonts? If yes, you will unable to search or extract text contents from output PDF file, because Type3 font is not the REAL characters, they are just character outlines.

However, you can use VeryPDF PDF to Text OCR Converter Command Line application to convert non-searchable PDF file to plain text file, you can download the free trial version of VeryPDF PDF to Text OCR Converter Command Line from following web page first,


after you download it and unzip it to a folder, you can run following command line to convert your PDF file to text file,

pdf2txtocr.exe -ocr D:\temp\test.pdf D:\temp\output.txt

above command line will able to convert any type of PDF files to plain text files, you can reuse output text files easily.


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doc to any converter

Problems using the DOC to Any Converter Command Line Server License

I recently purchased the DOC to Any Converter Command Line Server License and installed it on a server to run with a system we have. Although the DOC to Any Converter is performing a reasonable job at converting simple MS Word document to PDF, on more complicated documents containing tables, and page size changes, entire pages of documents go missing. For example, please see the attached files – one is the original Word document, and one is the pdf conversion. If you look at pages 9/10, most of the table has gone missing in the pdf version.

Please can you advise me if I need to adjust the settings on the DOC to Any Converter Command Line tool to get a better conversion experience? Or can you tell me if there is something that the MS Word document authors need to avoid in formatting their documents not to get this problem?

Thanks for your message, you can use "-useoffice 1" and "-useprinter" options to convert your complicated Word documents containing tables to PDF files properly, please refer to following command lines,

Doc2any.exe -useoffice 1 -useprinter C:\test.doc C:\out.pdf


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