How to convert PDF to TIFF and compress TIFF

This article aims to show you how to use VeryDOC PDF to Image Converter to convert PDF to TIFF and compress TIFF through command line on Windows platforms.

VeryDOC PDF to Image Converter is handy and powerful software which can be run through handy interface or in batch mode to convert large volumes of PDF files in real-time. enables developers to access the converter via any programming or scripting languages, e.g., Visual Basic, C/C++, Delphi, ASP, PHP, C#, .NET, etc.. And to know more functions, you can download trial version of this application so that you can get “readme.txt” in folder to read it:

Download VeryDOC PDF to Image Converter

After you get trial version, you can refer to following steps to accomplish conversion from PDF to compressed TIFF flexibly:

Step1. Run cmd.exe in your computer

Please click start > select run on start menu > type cmd.exe in dialog box > click ok, then command prompt window could pop out, where commands and parameters could be typed for your own process later.

Step2. Convert PDF to compressed TIFF

Please refer to following examples to fulfill your process:

pdf2img.exe –compress 5 C:\in.pdf C:\out.tif

pdf2img.exe –compress 7 C:\in.pdf C:\out.tif

where you need to know:

  • pdf2img.exe: call executive file “pdf2img.exe” for running software
  • C:\in.pdf: specify input PDF file
  • C:\out.tif: specify output TIF file
  • -compress <int>: set compression for TIFF format
  • -compress 5: LZW compression
  • -compress 7: JPEG DCT compression

Also parameters above could be replaced with one of followings:

  • -compress 6: OJPEG compression
  • -compress 32773: PACKBITS compression
  • -compress 32809: THUNDERSCAN compression
  • -compress 88880: 204x98  G4 ClassF TIFF
  • -compress 88881: 204x196 G4 ClassF TIFF
  • -compress 88882: 204x98  G3 ClassF TIFF
  • -compress 88883: 204x196 G3 ClassF TIFF
  • -compress 88884: CCITT Group 3 fax encoding (2d)
  • -compress 1: NONE compression
  • -compress 2: CCITT modified Huffman RLE
  • -compress 3: CCITT Group 3 fax encoding (1d)
  • -compress 4: CCITT Group 4 fax encoding

After you get one of following compressions, VeryDOC PDF to Image Converter could be used to convert PDF file to compressed TIFF files instantly. After that, you can get compressed TIFF files in targeting folder.

In the end, if you have will to get full version of this software, please do not hesitate to click following icon:

Purchase VeryDOC PDF to Image Converter

And thank you for reading this article, which is about how to convert PDF file to TIFF files and compress TIFF files. 🙂

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