How to convert MS Office 2010 xlsx to png in batches with DOC to Any Converter Command Line?

XLSX is the format of MS Office Excel 2010 and MS Office Excel 2007, which is the formal and official format of theirs. And to convert xlsx to png, like you said, DOC to Any Converter Command Line is your best choice. DOC to Any Converter Command Line has been designed to help you convert the formats flexibly, based on converting the office documents to any formats that are popular, such as pdf, swf, ps, eps, hpgl, jpg, png and tiff etc.. 🙂 Moreover, DOC to Any Converter Command Line still could help you process the batch conversion. And here is the method to convert MS Office 2010 xlsx to png in batches below, if you are interested in it, please join me in the following paragraphs.

DOC to Any Converter Command Line is the command line converting tool, so as the command line toolkit, it must be run in the exclusive operating environment, and here for Windows system, it could be the command prompt window, so in the first step, you need to run the environment: click “start” of pc, then there is a start menu come out, and please select “Run” on start menu, and then a dialog box could be come out, then please in the edit-box input “cmd.exe”, then click “ok”, and automatically the command prompt window could be popup.

the command prompt window

Then at the current directory, if you want to run DOC to Any Converter Command Line, please input the path of “doc2any.exe” or drag and drop the program of “doc2any.exe” in the command prompt window. And then you could input the parameters after running the converter, if you want to edit the options of the targeting file. And by the way, in the example with details below, “<options>” is to represent any parameters you may input. And then to add the source files in batches one time, please make your source files in the same folder, and then input the path of the folder and the wildcard character “*” with the file extension, and then, input the objective path in the same way. Finally, to convert xlsx to png in batches, please click “enter” of keyboard. And here is the example to make you know better about this conversion, where “-width 200 –height 100” are to set the width and the height of the targeting file, for example: 🙂

the command prompt window

To let you understand this conversion and the format better, here is the example with more details on formats below:

C:\Documents and Settings\admin>D:\doc2any_cmd\doc2any.exe<space><options><space>
D:\*.xlsx <space>D:\out\*.png<enter>

This is the whole article about how to convert Office 2010 xlsx to png-----Office 2007 xlsx to png with DOC to Any Converter Command Line. I hope my illustration is clear in your eyes, and of course, I wish you enjoy this article. And any questions, please reply this article asap, we will give you an perfect answer as you wish. 🙂 To know more about DOC to Any Converter Command Line and more parameters, please log on its official webpage via this link:, at last, please have a nice time!:P

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