How to convert encrypted website to PDF by Doc Converter COM?

   In this article, I will show you how to convert encrypted website to PDF by VeryDOC Doc Converter COM. The encrypted website refers to those websites which have user name and password requited when you need to enter those websites. When converting those website to PDF, you need to specify user name and password first then converting it to PDF. For catering this needs, Doc Converter COM has such function.

What VeryDOC Doc Converter COM is?

VeryDOC Doc Converter COM is a software component which can be used to be integrated with other applications (or DLL Library, or Command Line), enabling developers to access the converter via any programming or scripting languages, such as Visual Basic, C/C++, Delphi, ASP, PHP, C#, .NET, etc.

By this software, you can fulfill the following functions:

  • Create PDF from any printable files like web pages and DOC, RTF, TXT, PPT, XLS files into PDF paperwork.
  • After creating PDF, you can send output PDF to others by email directly.
  • Create PDF and specify paper size.
  • When converting HTML to PDF, you can set input document filename or a URL point to a website, set input content from a buffer, this function only can work for a html stream and others.
  • Please check more functions of this software on homepage. In the following part, let us check how to convert encrypted website to PDF briefly.

Convert encrypted website to PDF

  • Free download Doc Converter COM. When downloading finishes, there will be a zip file. Please extract it to some folder then you can find component and help document.
  • When converting encrypted website to PDF, please refer to the following command line template.
    Set username&password for encrypted site to PDF conversion,html2pdf "" "C:/output.pdf"

By the above command line, first you need to input the website URL then the full path of the output PDF file. input user name and password. By this way, you can convert encrypted website to PDF.

Here are more examples of other functions for your reference.

  • Set page header&footer for HTML to PDF conversion,
    "html2pdf.exe" "" "C:\yahoo.pdf" "htmlHeaders=this is header,htmlFooters=this is footer"
  • Set values for page header&footer within HTML to PDF conversion,
    "html2pdf.exe" "" "C:\yahoo.pdf" "htmlHeaders=&w&bPage &p/&P,htmlFooters=&u&b&d"
  • Set passwords for DOC, DOCX, HTML, MHTML, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX, RTF, etc. document to PDF conversion,
    "html2pdf.exe" "C:/Doc1.DOC" "C:/Doc1.pdf" "Encryption=2,EncryBits=16,Permission=0,UserPass=,OwnerPass=123"
  • Set page margin within conversion,
    "html2pdf.exe" "" "C:/yahoo.pdf" "paperType=9, pageWidth=575, pageHeight=850, margin_left=10, margin_top=40, margin_right=10, margin_bottom=40"

During the using, if you have any question, please contact us as soon as possible.

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