Convert xls to pdf and edit pdf creator

There are 2 ways to convert xls to pdf and edit pdf creator with DOC to Any Converter Command Line, which is a flexible converting tool based on the command line. Here are the details about 2 ways below:


Firstly, please open the command prompt window by clicking “start” on your screen > hit “Run” on start menu > type “cmd.exe” or “cmd” and click “ok” in dialog box of “Run”.

Secondly, please type the command line in this command prompt window step by step like below:

  • type the path of “doc2any.exe” in order to call “doc2any.exe”, which make DOC to Any Converter Command Line serve you later
  • type the parameter “-creator <string>” to edit creator of pdf, where “<string>” means an essential string
  • input the source path of the xls file that is used to add the source file for this conversion
  • input the targeting path into the command prompt window, which is used to save your pdf file and name it

Finally, please hit “enter” in the command prompt window, after you accomplish all the prepared work like above. Then, the conversion from xls to pdf and editing pdf creator is fulfilled in the command prompt window, and you can find your pdf file in the targeting folder.

Here is an example with Way1:

f:\doc2any_cmd\doc2any.exe –creator “Nicole Kidman” g:\source8\input.xls d:\target8\output.pdf



After you follow the steps above to open the command prompt window, you also can input the command line like this to avoid typing the complicated and boring paths, whose premise is your source file needs to be in the same folder with “doc2any.exe”:

C:\Documents and Settings\admin>F:<enter>

F:\>cd doc2any_cmd<enter>

F:\doc2any_cmd>doc2any –creator “Nicole Kidman” input.xls output.pdf<enter>


  • F:<enter> aims to enter F disc, which includes the program “doc2any.exe”
  • cd doc2any_cmd<enter> aim to change directory, then access to folder “doc2any_cmd”, which contains “doc2any.exe”
  • doc2any –creator “Nicole Kidman” input.xls output.pdf<enter> aim to call “doc2any.exe”, edit creator of pdf as “Nicole Kidman”, add source file with filename and file extension, save and name targeting pdf with filename and file extension, and at last, click “enter” in the command prompt window in turns

However, you can use one of the ways above to convert xls to pdf and edit pdf creator with DOC to Any Converter Command Line. And you can try DOC to Any Converter Command Line freely if you can’t help owning it right now, please click the following link:; if you would like to know more about this fantastic tool, please click this link:

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