Convert EMF to Flash and specify width&height

For those website designers, image files have some insurmountable weakness. Instead someone will struggle to convert those image files uniformly to flash file. By this way, they can churn out some kind of excellent website effect. In this article, I will share two ways for converting EMF file( one of the image format) to swf file.

Method 1 EMF to Vector Converter

  • Download software VeryDOC EMF to Vector Converter to your computer.  When entering the official website, from the first glace you can tell that this is command line type software for many parameters stated at the bottom of the website.  So after downloading, please unzip it and know well the elements included in the package.
  • emf2vec.exe is the big hits of this software and there are some bat files, which were developed for easy testing. Just double clicking the bat file, the conversion effect you will know.
  • Now share some examples here.

                               emf2vec.exe C:\in.emf C:\out.swf  
                               emf2vec.exe -width 500 -height 600 "example.emf" "12131246.swf"

Dos Windows Practice show from the following snapshot. The conversion can be finished in less than two seconds. It is very fast.

The conversion from emf to flash in MS Dos Windows
        Fig.1. The conversion from emf to flash in MS Dos Windows

Now let us check the conversion effect from the following snapshot.

Source EMF file and output flash file
                   Fig.2. Source EMF file and output flash file

Now you may wonder that “Is this a big-ticket item? Could you please quote for me?”
--> Yes, this software is a little big expensive as now we only have server version, which allows you to run this software under the whole sever.  And the price for server version is USD$295 .  If you feel this price is unacceptable, please check Method 2.

Method 2  Image to Flash Converter USD $29.95

Compared with method 1, the most merits of this software is the price. It only sells at $29.95. Now let us check how to use this software.

  • Download VeryDOC Image to Flash Converter to you computer. This is a suit of GUI software, which can be used from easily software interface. After downloading, please install it and allow it to run in your computer.
  • After installation, there will be an icon on the desktop. Double click it then you can enter software interface. Know a little bit more from the following snapshot of the software interface.

software interface of Image to Flah Converter
Fig. 3. software interface of Image to Flah Converter

  • Add files by dragging or click the button Add Images then please the button Option to set limitations for the output flash file.
  • In the Basic Setting of the menu tab, please specify the frame rate, width&height. Click the button OK to back to the main interface.

menu option
         Fig.4 . Menu Option

  • Click the button Convert, the conversion from EMF to Flash will be run at once. A few seconds later, the swf file with the content of EMF will show up in the destination folder.
  • This software can be considered as the heavyweight contender of EMF to Vector Converter, as it is cheap in price and feature-rich in the function. But for those who need to fulfill the conversion together with other application, like C#, VB, .net, the command line version is necessary.

All in all, please choose the better one for you according to your requests. During the using, if encounter any question, you are welcome to us at any time by any means.


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