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How to use relative path when you use software PCL Page Counter SDK?

Software home page: Download: If you do not know whether relative path can be used or not, you can to use "DIR" command to have a test. As to the details, please refer to the following example. For … Continue reading

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How can I use C# to call com components of pdf2vec?

Use “VeryDOC PDF to Vector Converter”  for development. First Add reference “PDF2VectorCOM”. Project –> Add reference… –> COM –> PDF2VectorCOM –> OK C# code: using System;using System.Collections.Generic;using System.ComponentModel;using System.Data;using System.Drawing;using System.Linq;using System.Text;using System.Windows.Forms;using PDF2VectorCom;using System.Reflection; namespace CSharp_COM_WindowsFormsApplication1{    public partial class … Continue reading

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How to print colorful html pages?

This article will say something about how to print colorful html pages by VeryDOC HTMLPrint Command Line. If you use the IE browser as default, you need to make it in the following three steps. First, you need to set … Continue reading

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How to register PPT Converter software in windows server 2008 and 2003

Q:I have the registered the component using pptconv -$ SERIAL_NUMBER from the command line.When we call the pptconv.exe from our application on a Windows Server 2008 machine, the attached warning gets displayed every time, prompting for the license key to … Continue reading

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How to use Spool File Page Counter SDK by c#?

  1.Download file: and unzip it.2.You can see C# directory, open it.The inside is C# source code.  Use Visual Studio 2010 can view the source code.  Compile it, then you can get "obj\x86\Release\C#_ParsingTest.exe" or "obj\x86\Debug\C#_ParsingTest.exe" 3.The command line of the … Continue reading

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