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Free Video to SWF Converter

SWF is the format of flash file(s), whose file is the delivery file of flash file. Free Video to SWF Converter is a free product based on converting AVI to SWF professionally, which could help users set the properties of SWF file(s) flexibly, which are like the frame of video and the Mp3 bit rate of audio etc.

The GUI interface of Free Video to SWF Converter is as follow. [Add AVI File(s)] tool button could be used for adding AVI file(s): click [Add AVI File(s)]>select AVI file(s)>click [open] button or click the processing table with the right button of mouse>choose [Add AVI files]>select AVI file(s)>click [open] button to add the source file(s), however, the most easiest way to add AVI file(s) is to drag and drop AVI file(s) into the processing table, then the path(s) of AVI file(s) could be shown in the processing table. The property bar is for setting the options of SWF file(s) like the scale and the frame of video, or the bit rate and the sample rate of audio etc,, and the check-boxes of [Turn movie upside down] and [Compression] are for reversing the fluctuation position and compressing SWF file(s) separately. After the basic preparing work, it’s time to select the proper folder with the button of [Convert] to store SWF file(s) and convert video to SWF.

GUI of Free Video to SWF Converter

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Key features of Free Video to SWF Converter:
  • Flexible operating environment—run in Windows 2000/XP/Vista/2008/7 systems with 32 bit or 64 bit
  • Able to preview AVI file(s)
  • Support to ‘drag and drop’ AVI file(s) to add the source file(s) directly
  • Batch process—support to convert video to SWF in batches in one process
  • The flexible adjustment of SWF frame, scale and the quality of video
  • Support to edit the Mp3 bit rate and the sample rate, even audio seconds
  • SWF file(s) could be compressed conveniently
  • Support one key reset and one key upgrade
  • support to reverse the fluctuation position of SWF file(s)
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